If you live in Greater Cleveland, you may have started to notice what will be one of the most popular 2017 trends in landscape design and architecture: covered patios and porches. Many of our clients in Northeast Ohio have worked with our landscape architects to incorporate these structures into a functional, beautiful outdoor space. We’ve built everything from a large, vaulted pavilion with wood beams covering a stone patio and fireplace for a homeowner in Hinckley to a covered outdoor kitchen, featuring a metal roof, at a residence in Chagrin Falls. There’s no end to the options for covered patios and porches. Wondering if this is a change you’d like to make to your Cleveland-area home? These are just a few reasons to give it serious consideration.


Enjoy all of the seasons. In Ohio, we experience all four seasons, meaning unlike friends we may have in California or other locations in the West, we cannot easily entertain or relax outdoors year-round. Many of us enjoy our beautiful landscapes during the spring and summer, and, as the weather gradually turns colder, we retreat indoors. That’s the beauty of having a covered porch or patio—the shelter allows you to enjoy all of the seasons.


Add comfort and protection. Covering your patio or porch adds comfort for you and your family. Covers can provide shade against the hot summer sun, and shelter from rain or wind. If you enjoy dining outdoors, a covered outdoor kitchen and dining table can be ideal. If you want to create a personal retreat at home, consider a covered spa. Depending on your design, you can also incorporate outdoor heating and lighting that allows you to extend outdoor living well into fall and even winter.


Expand your home. Exscape Designs has helped many of our clients add essential living space to their home by attaching and covering a patio or deck area. These spaces can give you additional space and seating that will greatly improve the functionality of your home. Not only is this a great benefit to you and your family, but these features also add value to your home should you choose to sell in the future.


Create your ideal outdoor space. A covered patio or porch is only the beginning. Our landscape design architects can help you turn your design vision into reality, incorporating any feature you desire, from fire pits and outdoor kitchens to waterscapes and stone walkways.


Bring your covered patio or porch ideas to Exscape Designs, and we can start planning your new outdoor space! Give us a call to schedule a time for an initial consultation.

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