Today’s families are busier than ever.  With our crazy lives, having time to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of nature can be a needed break from the unprecedented pace.  Having the experience of being relaxed outside is much easier when your Cleveland, Ohio, landscape involves an innovative patio design. Consider these new ways to enjoy your outdoor deck design.


Patio Designs


  • Add a shelter.  Clearly, not every day is going to be ideal to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  With that, landscape architects recommend adding a shelter to your patio design to give you flexibility during rainy, hot, or windy weather.  Landscape design firms believe that a shelter could be something as simple as a trellis covered in sprawling vines or as complicated as a standalone outdoor cabana.


  • Use comfortable furniture.  Once your patio area is covered, you have many more options for furniture.  Landscaping services suggest that you scour second-hand shops for inexpensive indoor furniture and then slipcover it to give it a fresh look.  Because you haven’t put a lot of money into it, you won’t worry if it gets wet or is damaged by wet bathing suits or dirt.


  • Go old school – add a swinging hammock.  Adding a hammock to your patio design can provide a place for relaxing afternoons.  A landscape designer can help you to incorporate a one-person-sized hammock or a larger model into your patio landscape design.  Options include those with lightweight metal frames and those that swing between trees.


  • Pizza, anyone?  Innovative patio designs offer options that you simply don’t see elsewhere. One of the options that Cleveland landscape technicians like to include is a wood-burning pizza oven.  Once it is installed, you can not only bake pizza but roast meats and vegetables.  Sure to surprise your guests, you’ll be surprised how innovative a pizza oven can be.


  • Decking on multiple levels.  Landscape architecture firms will tell you that one way to add interest to your outdoor deck design is by having your deck span several levels.  Especially helpful on sloped lots, multiple level decking can provide for smaller conversation groups, areas for kids to play board games, and a natural transition to grassed areas.


Patios are no longer simple wood structures with plastic furniture.  Innovative patio designs include items such as wood-burning pizza ovens, hammocks, shelters, and even multiple levels.  For more information on how to design a show-stopping patio, contact Exscape Designs today.


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