Bed MaintenanceIn the early spring, flowers like pansies and petunias are a great way to kick off the season with some beautiful color. Whether it be in your flower beds or as part of container gardens, the sign of their bright color adds to the excitement of a new warm season. Coupled with your emerging bulb flowers, early spring flowers will be your first blooms of the season.

As bulbs die back, we typically add in your summer annuals to keep flower beds, pots, and hanging baskets looking bright and beautiful. There are so many options for summer color available today. Having the knowledge and foresight of where to plant and what flowers best complement one another will ensure that your property is always looking its very best!



While flowers like Daffodils, Lilies, and Tulips are automatically associated with springtime, these flowers actually fall under the fall-planted bulb varieties. Because the weather is beginning to turn cooler in the fall, and time outdoors is getting farther from peoples’ minds, they often tend to forget to plant their springtime bulbs. It’s only come spring that they really wish they had planted some of these beautiful blooms.

With an enhancement service, we can ensure that your favorite spring bulbs are planted in the fall so that you can enjoy their beautiful blooms as the weather begins to warm. Plan ahead now by signing up for three seasons of enhancement services and ensuring you always have gorgeous flowers in bloom.



Bed MaintenanceWhile people often want a lot of color on their property, it’s important to be practical about it. Will you have the time to maintain it all? Spring and summer blooms are absolutely gorgeous to look at—but they do require ongoing maintenance. If you want blooms but don’t think you have the time, consider adding an ongoing maintenance service to keep your annuals looking their best throughout the spring and summer season.

If you don’t want to invest in ongoing maintenance, put some thought into where you do your plantings. Though it would be nice to have all your beds full of flowers, if you’re working on a budget, aim to hit the high-traffic areas such as your front walkways or the areas around your back patio. Planting in areas that you’ll be frequently passing has the added bonus of reminding you to water the flowers if you’re the one doing the maintenance.

Instead of doing a lot of flowers in your beds, you might also consider containers. Planting a nice mix of flowers in oversized pots or hanging baskets gives you a lot of bang for your buck since they make such a dramatic impact.



As you consider these enhancements, weigh your options and decide what will work best for you. Whether you have the time to maintain your own blooms or you’re interested in a maintenance service, we can help meet your needs. We can work with a variety of budgets and ideas in order to ensure that you’re getting the color and the service that you really want for your property.

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