Snow Removal Planning During the Summer


Choosing the right snow plow contractor to handle your snow removal needs over the winter may seem like just a process of finding the best price. While there are many snow plow contractors in the Novelty, Russell and Bentleyville areas, it is critical to find someone who will protect your landscaping even during the winter.


Moving snow off of your driveway and sidewalk so you can go to work or out to shop is more than just plowing. In fact, how your snow is removed and where it is placed can make an enormous difference in how your yard looks in the fall. Landscape architects know that large piles of snow placed in the wrong areas can damage your sensitive trees and shrubs even though they are dormant.


Another danger during winter is the overuse of salt. If you have invested in your landscaping design, then the last thing you want is to have the snowmelt and find that you have many dead shrubs that need to be replaced. Landscape architects who provide snowplowing services understand that salt has to be used carefully to protect any plantings that are close to driveway and sidewalk areas.


What does this mean to you when you are looking for a snow plowing contractor in Northeast Ohio? Taking the time to hire a company that understands landscaping designs and will care for your yard through the careful placement of snow piles and the judicious use of salt will benefit you by preventing damage to your landscaping. On the snowiest day, you may just want to be able to get out of the house, but in the spring you will be happy that you chose carefully.


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