outdoor-kitchenMany homeowners are learning that there is a much better way to entertain outdoors than by simply using a standalone grill and a picnic table. Today’s landscapers are focused on creating innovative outdoor kitchen areas that replicate all of the advantages of an indoor kitchen in a casual outdoor environment.


Adding an outdoor kitchen can be a benefit no matter whether you live in Beachwood, Gates Mills or Hunting Valley. Outdoor kitchens make it easy to entertain as they offer all of the amenities of an indoor kitchen. This means that entire parties can be held outdoors instead of having to move food, utensils and cooking equipment outdoors, streamlining the entire process. Landscapers can create cooking areas that can work for the most basic needs as well as the most elaborate.


Today’s outdoor kitchens, which are being built in areas such as Pepper Pike and Chagrin Falls, have feature that rival the most up-to-date indoor home kitchens. Equipment can include cooktops, ovens, grills with rotisserie attachments, and smokers as well as microwave ovens. Food storage areas can include small refrigerators and freezers as well as food warming drawers that are ideal for keeping dinner warm while guests enjoy time outdoors. Sinks and storage areas allow for dishes to be washed and stored outdoors which makes party setup easy and quick.


Outdoor kitchens designed by landscaping services can also include seating areas that are out of the wind and weather. With covered areas either attached to a home or set apart from the home, these outdoor kitchens can be used in all but the most severe weather. Fireplaces customized by landscape designers can provide heat and ambiance for guests looking to relax during cooler weather. Under these covered areas, landscaping services are installing custom seating areas and counter seating areas that work for serving food and eating.


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