It’s about that time again, folks. You know what we mean. The time when you wake up the morning after an unseasonably crisp fall evening and see a carpet of snow outside your bedroom window. 

The time when you start to hear “Jingle Bells” and “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” creeping its way onto your favorite radio station. When you smell simmering cranberries and roasting honey ham and pine needles so heady you can taste them. 

But with the end of fall and the beginning of winter approaching fast, there’s something else you have to think about. It’s not all about nostalgia, twinkling lights and family time in front of a roaring fireplace (even though that’s the most exciting part!). 

The approaching blustery weather is also about proactivity. You have to think about your next hardware store trip to get snow blowers at Home Depot. About snow shovellers and snow tools in general. 

You want to get ahead of the game. No more waiting in your freezing car and holding your hands to the heater as your windshield defrosts. No more bone-chilling wind cutting through your coat as you scramble to de-ice and de-snow your driveway. At least, not when you start preparing ahead of time. 

But you don’t have to do it all by yourself, especially not if you own a commercial property. Sometimes, you have to turn to a professional snow removal service. You will be able to rest assured that your driveway will be clear and your car safe while driving on a parking lot free from snow. 

What is the Fastest Way to Remove Snow?

If you are looking for the fastest removal of snow possible, it depends on a handful of factors. But let’s talk about just a couple of them for now. 

First, are you looking for tips, tricks and hacks for clearing snow from your personal property? Or are you on the hunt for the quickest snow-removal solution for your business one, a commercial property? 

We have the secret to quick and efficient snow removal for both situations. 

To start with, let’s go over some tips and tricks on how to go about speedy snow removal at home

First, you can lay a tarp or large piece of material over your car or sidewalk. If you do this before snow starts to really fall, you can collect most of it on top of the tarp. Once you are ready to trudge to your car, you can drag the tarp behind you and dump the snow somewhere less inconvenient. You will have a clearer walkway and a clearer car once you get there. 

Second, you can rely on some handy-dandy sandbags to do the trick. Keep one in the backseat or trunk of your car. It weighs your vehicle down to keep you safer on the roads. But it’s more than that. If you do get stuck somewhere and need to remove snow from around your tires, pour the sand over the snow. It gives you an extra layer of traction to get out of snowy snafus. 

Is your at-home shovel or snow shovel machine not doing the trick? Apply cooking spray to your shovel. It sounds wacky, but it allows for smooth gliding through the snow that’s plaguing your driveway. 

If you have a commercial property, though, you need professional snow removal equipment. But these types of snow removal machines and snow removal equipment are pricey and often hard to come by. So give your local landscaping or snow removal company a call and see what they can do for you. That will be the fastest and safest way to remove snow from your property. 

Do Landscapers Shovel Snow

Do Landscapers Shovel Snow?

So do they? Well, it all depends on your local landscaping company. But here’s a little pro tip: the best landscaping company near you will offer snow services, too. 

When it comes down to it, a lot of landscaping services do also provide some sort of snow service. But you need to ask the right questions. Determine whether or not their team is fully dedicated to snow removal or if they just get into it as a side hustle when business is slow in the winter months. 

Luckily, we are pros at this stuff. Our team of snow removal specialists have all the professional-grade, top-of-the-line snow equipment you need for a safe business this upcoming season. 

But we also have something else that will interest you. We took our team’s insider knowledge to make a list of what to look for when you need the most reliable snow removal service near you. Read on for the top tips from industry experts on how to pick the best one this winter. 

Tips on How to Choose the Most Reliable Snow Removal Service Near You

We get that there is a lot on your mind from the end of October to the beginning of the new year. If you like to plan far ahead, there’s a lot on your mind for much longer than that. 

Dinners to cook, menus to plan, guests to clean for. Read through these six quick tips and you will find yourself with more time to focus on the fun part of the holidays. You won’t have to spend time stressing about snow removal when it’s already too late. 

Research Through Reviews

To do research well, you need to get a head start. If you’re looking for smaller snow removal tools (as in, not professional ones) then get going with reading through reviews. First of all, certain equipment sells out if you do not start soon. 

You also might come across several snow movers and shovels that catch your eye. So you want to give yourself ample time to decide which one is right for you. 

And if you are turning to a snow removal company, start asking them questions and scheduling your consultations now. Check out their company reviews specific to snow removal. What are people saying? Are they reliable? Do they do a thorough job?

Also consider asking whoever you talk to from that business for references. Ask for three or so clients who they have worked with in the past. And if you don’t feel comfortable with that, chat up your neighbors. Who do they use? Who is the best in your area? Check to see if a company has ever had any glaring problems with timeliness or reliability. 

Take a Look at Their Equipment

Take a Look at Their Equipment

There is nothing wrong with asking a company that does snow removal services what equipment they use. They are used to this kind of question. And if they run a high-quality business, they will know the answers for you right off the bat. They will at least be willing to look into it for you. 

Make sure you ask this in relation to where you need them to do the actual snow removal. In other words, what area are they going to remove snow from? A sidewalk? A parking lot? A driveway? Get the names of the equipment they will use for whatever area they are removing snow from. 

And then, ask to look at their professional equipment. Is it in good shape? Does it look rusty, broken or all-around useless? This sort of machinery requires regular maintenance. A good service company knows how to maintain it and understands the importance there. 

It’s also good to keep in mind here if you will be paying an hourly rate for their services. If so, they must have machinery that will get the job done without costing you an arm and a leg when you get the invoice. 

Always Ask for a Written Contract

A written contract will benefit both you and the party you are working with. And if that party is a trustworthy one, they will have a written contract for you to go over before you sign them on. 

Review it carefully and make sure you understand everything in the contract. If you are familiar with the verbiage in it and totally understand it all, sign it. If you need more clarification, consult with someone you trust to advise your decision. 

No matter what, when you are done reading it, you should know what would happen if you had to cancel the contract. You also have to know what you have to do per the contract, not just the responsibilities on their end. 

Get a Quote

Scratch that. Get multiple quotes. 

You don’t want to end up with a contracting company that takes advantage of you. This is another reason why you want to start researching your options early on. Compile a list of questions for the companies you are deciding between. 

Make sure you understand the services each of them offers and how much it will cost you. Will they also offer ice management packages with your snow removal services? Is that something you need? 

Figure out who will meet your needs this winter and don’t settle for less. 

Have Them Define Their Process

Basing this on your past experiences, lay out what you will expect from your company. Then, collaborate with them to see if they meet those expectations. 

How will you contact them when it’s time for them to clear your snow? Do they just do a once-over with their plow, or do they go back around to get rid of everything? If it keeps snowing, will they come back to revisit their work? Where does the plowed snow end up on your property? 

Get to know the ins and outs of their removal process. 

Get Familiar With Their Liability and Security

Finally, ensure that the company you choose has liability insurance. You do not want to end up with property damage from their equipment and have no way to recover your losses. 

Small-time snow service companies often do not have the insurance you should expect. Some simply cannot afford it. 

And how securely do they screen their employees? You do not want to end up in a sticky situation if one of their workers were to breach your security expectations. 

How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost

How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Cost?

You might think that tackling snow removal on your own will be more cost-effective than hiring the pros. Think again. 

Not only is the quality of equipment you need expensive to buy on your own, but things could also take a dangerous turn if you do not know how to use it. You will save both peace of mind and money by going the route of commercial snow services. 

Of course, prices vary depending on the area you live in, the size of your property and a handful of other factors. 

But in general, snow removal in 2021 averaged between $30 to $70 per hour or visit. This leaves you sitting around $200 to $600 per season. For a mere driveway or sidewalk, it will run you, again, about $30 to $70 each snowstorm. Clearing snow from your roof could cost you between $200 to $500. 

So no, in the long run, you will not have to worry about insane expenses building up in order to keep everyone on your property safe. 


At Exscape Designs, we are here to serve you. We are more than a landscaping company who brings your vision to life. We are here for you throughout all seasons and everything that comes with them. 

Our custom snow removal plans and snow removal services take the guesswork out of winter. Plan for your fun-filled holiday season and click here. You can ask us any questions you may have or request a consultation from our reliable team.

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