Cottage Style Landscaping


Looking for a new landscape idea to inspire your outdoor space?

The traditional English countryside cottage garden is the inspiration for many cottage style landscape designs. Cottage gardens are traditionally small and compact, sometimes lined by a white picket fence, and brimming with many flowering garden plants. You can bring elements of these gardens into your own unique landscape design in Cleveland. Here are some key recognizable features of a cottage style landscape design:


A cottage landscape design uses curved pathways and edges, rather than rigid or formal lines. That is because a cottage garden is designed to be more relaxed and informal. Curved bends create a softened look and encourage you to explore the garden. A brick or stone walkway is ideal.


A cottage style landscape often has elements that are romantic. For example, you might incorporate a low fence or even a trellis, an architectural structure designed to support vines or other climbing plants.


Color is the focal point of a cottage style landscape. Traditional cottage gardens incorporate flowers of a variety of hues, from bold reds and oranges to pastel pinks and yellows. You can choose an assortment of plants in many different colors and styles for your garden, and incorporate shrubs or small trees as well.


If you have a certain style that you would like to inspire your future landscape design, give our team a call today. We would love to help you explore and build on your idea.

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