In the fall, cooler weather means that falling leaves, debris and storm damage can leave your yard looking less than tidy. While you may be tempted to leave your Moreland Hills or Beachwood yard alone until the fall, there are good reasons to make sure that your yard has been thoroughly cleaned up in the fall. Here are four reasons to make sure that your Gates Mills and Hunting Valley yard has a thorough cleanup:


Exscape Number 1 Removing leaves prevents lawn damage. Landscape architects believe that one of the biggest dangers to your lawn over the winter is when it is covered with not only snow, but a layer of leaves. Leaves can prevent the lawn from being able to access sun and water and can literally kill large sections of your yard. Taking the time to make sure that leaves are removed will protect your lawn.
Exscape Number 2 Trim back perennials to protect spring growth.Once perennials have fully bloomed, clipping them back during the fall allows them to easily grow in the spring. Landscapers know that this also prevents you from having to walk around in your beds when sensitive shoots are trying to form in the spring.
Exscape Number 3 Clean out beds to allow for easy spring mulching.In the fall, leaves, twigs and branches can get stuck in beds. After a long winter, these leaves have become wet and partially decomposed, which makes them difficult to remove. By taking a moment now to thoroughly clean out landscaping beds, adding spring mulch will be that much easier.
Exscape Number 4 Thorough cleanups allow you to plan for the spring.Some of the best landscaping designs are developed while you are walking around your yard. While you are outside, take a moment now to think about what you’d like to add for the fall.


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