FAstounding Fall Colorall doesn’t have to be the time of year when you lose all of the color in your yard.  With some planning, you can increase the amount of color in your yard that will continue on until the first snow.  By adding fall blooming varieties of plants and decorative touches throughout your yard, you can create a blast of color that will create memorable curb appeal.


Landscape architects recommend adding a variety of plants to your yard that bring fall color.  Japanese maples are noted for their hardiness and interesting leaf shapes as well as their outstanding fall color.  Adding one of these iconic trees to your yard will help to add a splash of color to your yard in a visible area.  Another way that landscaping services recommend adding fall color to your yard is to put pots of fall flowers by your front door.  Colorful mums in unique pots can bring the fall colors right up to the entrance to your home, adding to your curb appeal.  In addition, consider painting your front door an eye-catching saturated color such as deep yellow or burgundy.  If you have porch furniture or a porch swing, adding fall-inspired colorful pillows to your furniture can create a welcome area for people to enjoy the warm fall afternoons.


Landscaping designers also recommend adding a variety of plants to your yard that prefer to bloom at the end of the growing season.  Fall blooming clematis and crocus can add color and dimension to your yard, and goldenrod is a favorite for those gardeners who prefer a naturally shaped plant that is hearty.  Roses also bloom until first frost.  Think through adding both vertical and horizontal plantings to add interest to your beds.  You can place pots of mums and other fall blooming plants right in your existing beds, giving them needed height and added color.  Also consider adding pots of colorful fall plants near any gathering places in your yard, whether a hot tub or fire pit.  These pots will give a festive fall look to your yard.


Adding color to your yard if you live in Moreland Hills or Bentleyville for the fall can help you to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends for weeks or even months longer than normal.  By adding pots of colorful mums, fall blooming plants and painting your front door, you can enjoy all of the colors of the fall before the white of the winter. Contact Exscape Designs today for more landscape design advice!

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