More Time at Home

With people spending more time at home than ever before—perhaps even moving into a home office—outdoor living areas have been a sizzling trend. In 2020, we saw an uptick in homeowners pulling the trigger on plans they’d held off on in the past.

A prime example of this has been an increased interest in pools and spas. With travel feeling less safe and more uncertain than ever before, people now want a pool and spa in their own backyard. Instead of taking a vacation, they want to make their backyard a safe paradise where they can make lifelong memories with family and friends.

On that same token, we also saw increased interest in covered porches and pavilions, decks, outdoor kitchens, and all of the potential amenities that might go along with them. People are looking to create outdoor spaces where they can spend time safely outside.

In fact, they’re even looking for ways that they can make those spaces ready for winter to be enjoyed all year round. Homeowners are covering their spaces, adding fire features, and incorporating heat lamps so that they can be outdoors even as the temperatures drop.


A Time to Reset

Like many of you, we found many aspects of 2020 stressful. We had to find new ways to ensure that we were getting our work completed for clients. But we stepped up to the challenge. As in other areas of the country, landscaping was deemed an “essential business” in Ohio, and we were able to keep operating.

Ultimately, instead of focusing on all of the negatives that 2020 brought, we began to look at it as an opportunity to reset. We accepted that it was going to be challenging, but instead of wallowing in the stress of those challenges, we started looking at ways that we could improve. Our goal has always been to serve our customers at the highest level, and we’ve started exploring even more ways that we can do just that. We’re upgrading our software and looking at new systems that can help us perform even better in 2021.


Looking to 2021

Although the pandemic has undoubtedly created tough times for everyone, we believe that it has pushed us harder and, in many ways, made us better. We’re excited about starting 2021 with a positive mindset and a continued commitment to our customers. It’s been incredibly rewarding to be able to create outdoor living spaces where friends and family could gather when other opportunities for them to get together became limited.

Looking forward, we believe the outdoor living trends we’re seeing now will surely carry into 2021—perhaps even gaining more momentum. With many companies realizing that their employees can successfully work remotely, we think people will continue to be spending more time in their homes than ever before. As a result, they’ll want to do what they can to make their spaces more enjoyable—and have a wonderful outdoor area that they can “escape” to.

Let Exscape Designs Get Started on Your Outdoor Living Escape, Today

December might seem like a funny time to be thinking about an outdoor living area, but the truth is, these spaces take a lot of time to plan. Now is actually a great time to start the ball rolling. After all, there are only so many large projects that a landscaping company can take on each year and you want to be sure that you’re one of them. If you put off your decision to start the process, you could be pushing your project’s start date back.

If it’s something that you’ve been thinking about, we’d love to chat. We believe you deserve to have that amazing outdoor living space that you’ve been dreaming about.

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