At Exscape Designs, we pride ourselves on being full services landscapers. We would wager that there isn’t a landscaping service we cannot provide. That being said, being full-service also means the ability to service every type of property. Both commercial and residential properties need to be landscaped, albeit for different reasons. Residential property maintenance is much more personal, while commercial landscape management is pointed toward profitability. Commercial properties are competing with similar property types for local businesses. The quality of their landscape is a direct contributor to whether or not they win said business. Here is everything that goes into a well-managed commercial landscape.

What Does Commercial Landscape Management Consist Of?General Lawn Maintenance

The face of any property, and especially one that is commercial in nature is the lawn. This is the first impression to any passerby in their car or visitor on foot. The quality of the turf will determine the initial perception of the property, which is a huge psychological factor in where an individual takes their business. Mowing must be performed on a routine basis, while edging, mulching, and fertilization cannot be overlooked. The latter ensures nutrients are keeping your lawn healthy and defending against disease. Commercial lawn maintenance should be careful and comprehensive.

Landscape Management and Enhancements

Any landscape that lacks plant material is pretty bland. Most commercial properties that we work with possess some combination of annual and perennial flowers, shrubs, and trees. These varying sizes, shapes, and colors work in tandem to keep your property both interesting and unique. This plant material must be maintained, which means routine rotation for flowers, and trimming for shrubs and trees. It also must be enhanced every so often and updated to keep things exciting. This means new installations on a semi-regular basis, which also benefit the property long term as shrubs and trees grow to maturity. They are both great for the environment, and for increasing the privacy of the property.

Snow and Ice Removal

Here in Ohio, we are not exempt from a random snowstorm that puts a commercial property out of commission for a couple of days. Covered under a layer of snow and ice, property management loses out on essential profits each day that the property is shut down. Having a commercial landscaping company with the capability to plow snow and melt ice at a moment’s notice is an essential piece of the pie. Our team at Exscape will have your property up and running in no time. 

Above All Else: Tailored to You

Good commercial landscape management is providing all of the aforementioned services. Great commercial landscape management is when they are tailored to the needs of your individual property. You should have a dedicated account manager and design team to walk your property and discuss a vision for the future. The exact maintenance plan should be to your liking, and the services in accordance with your needs. This bespoke quality is something uniquely found at Exscape Designs.

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