Does that word give you a warm and fuzzy feeling when you hear it? Does it make you feel safe, and like everyone in your community supports you? 

We hope those are the ways you feel. 

But if you run a business, are you providing that same value for your community? Do you keep your business’s grounds in tip-top shape? What about landscaping services from a reputable landscaping company? They make your business property stand out from the competition. 

Invest in commercial lawn mowing, or other types of professional lawn-care services. You will reap the benefits of commercial landscape maintenance. 

Let’s dive deeper. 

What is Commercial Grounds Maintenance

What is Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

Commercial landscape maintenance, or commercial grounds maintenance, goes by several different names. 

You may hear people call it “commercial landscaping,” or “commercial lawn service,” too. But the principles remain the same here. 

Successful business owners use landscaping firms to ensure their company’s landscaping is… 

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • In good health
  • And pleasing to look at

… for everyone in their community. 

The landscaping crew who comes out to work on your landscape offers a wide range of services. All these services, though, share the common goal of getting your property up to par so your business can succeed– long-term. 

What Services Does Commercial Landscape Maintenance Include?

What are some of those services that come with commercial landscape maintenance? In what ways will you, your business and your physical property take advantage of these services? 

We have the answers for you below, with a definition and/or example for each.

Turf Mowing and Trimming

Say that you are on an evening walk with your spouse. You moved somewhere new, and you want to see what local businesses have to offer. It’s late out, and the two of you have had plenty to do during the daylight hours. 

At this point, you’re worrying that it’s too late to see any of those small businesses you set out to explore. 

It is late, and pretty dark– but one building does catch your eye, and not for the reasons one might think. It is overrun with weeds and overgrowth. Yikes. You don’t want to take your business there– no thanks!

If you run a local business, avoid this debacle by hiring a commercial landscape maintenance company to mow and trim your turf. 

Type “commercial lawn care near me” into your search engine and start researching your options. 

Fertilization and Weed Control

You once had a beautiful lawn in your backyard at home. You loved mowing it so you could dip your toes into the lush landscape to unwind after a long day in the office. Your lawn used to be the talk of the neighborhood, in fact. 

But what happened? Now, after a particularly dry season, your lawn is dry. It’s brown, and feels like straw to the touch. 

Now, imagine that this same situation happens, but to your commercial property. Customers will not want to come do business with you if you do not care about commercial appearances. 

Fertilization and weed control is the secret behind that “well-manicured” look.

Your chosen crew can come out to your property, see what weeds you are dealing with and fertilize your lawn as needed. Some commercial lawn-care companies will use organic fertilizer. Some will use synthetic fertilizers, and others yet will use a hybrid fertilizer. 

Turf Repair

Accidents happen if you try to take on the entire task of commercial landscape maintenance on your own. You can’t avoid that. You might make your lawn look patchy, not have time to finish a project you started or mess something up altogether. 

This is why sometimes, you need turf repair. But you need to turn to the professionals for projects like these. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your turf beyond repair. 

This is particularly true for artificial grass like turf. Ordinary wear and tear is bound to happen. The standard of care you choose when you need to address that wear and tear is what matters. Choose a high-quality commercial landscape maintenance company to help. 

Aeration and Seeding

Patches are great when it comes to quilts, and holes in the knees of your jeans. Not so much, though, when it comes to your lawn. 

What is your first thought when you walk up to a shop and see that it has a patchy lawn? Nothing positive, we’re sure. 

Aeration and seeding is when a commercial lawn company will drill small holes into your soil to get the right nutrients to the root of your grass. 

Fall and Winter Cleanup

When you have young kids and a pile of leaves in your backyard, jumping into that pile acts as a source of seasonal fun.

When you have a professional landscape with a pile of leaves, it distracts from all you have to offer.

Fall and winter cleanup from these professional services includes leaf and snow removal.

Spring Mulching

When you smell that distinctive scent of new mulch, you associate it with a beautiful flower bed. 

Commercial landscape maintenance often includes mulching services. There are different types of mulch you can use, as well as endless benefits to the entire process. 

Bed Maintenance

We’re not talking about the kind of bed you sleep in here. Instead, we are talking about the kind of beds your shrubs, flowers and trees flourish in. 

But your plants cannot flourish without the right maintenance and careful care. You need quality mulching, less weeds to contend with and a healthy plant ecosystem.

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Tree and Shrub Pruning

What is one of the first things you see when you go to a top-notch business storefront? Beautiful shrubbery. 

It is not so beautiful, though, when it looks raggedy and unpruned. 

Become one of those top-notch businesses with well-maintained and well-pruned trees and shrubs. 

Floral Installation

Something else you notice at top-of-the-line companies is their vegetation. Are their flowers all vibrant, with beautiful colors and a welcoming aura?

Set the same expectations for your business’s appearance. Have your landscaping team plant eye-catching flowers. 

Vegetation Control

That vegetation might sound appealing. But your commercial landscape becomes a jungle if you do not keep it in check.

Professional landscapers can get rid of that concern. They can control and maintain your vegetation, and how fast it grows. 

Bush Hogging

How big is your commercial land? 

If you think of it as a pretty big space, you need bush hogging. 

Bush hogging is when a professional attaches a rotary cutter to the back of a tractor. This gets rid of overgrowth on your landscape.

Irrigation Systems Maintenance

You can expect a massive utility bill if you try to maintain your irrigation systems on your own. 

An expert team can instead come in for instances like these. They can install an irrigation system that gives your plants the right amount of care. Plus, it won’t rack up your energy bills every month. 

Snow and Ice Maintenance

The problem of having too much snow, or ice, on your commercial property is a two-parter. 

First, customers will not feel safe even parking in your parking lot when snow and ice are blocking the way. They cannot see the right lines, or feel comfortable enough to back out of a parking spot full of black ice. 

Second, you cannot expect your employees to come to work with these conditions. This means nobody will be there to keep your operation up and running. 

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tools and Equipment

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Tools and Equipment

You may be wondering why you cannot take on commercial landscaping by yourself. 

Though there are plenty of reasons you need a pro team in these situations, a big reason stands out time and again. 

You do not have access to the right equipment, like the following:

  • Lawn Comber Thatcher. Use these before aeration to remove dead mulch from grass. 
  • Blowers. For heavy-duty landscape maintenance as a power tool to get rid of unwanted debris. 
  • Hedge Trimmer. Sharp tools that clip away at your hedges and shrubs. 
  • Pruning Shears. Another sharp tool that allows for precise shearing of your plants. 
  • Snowblowing Machine. Professional-grade snow blowers remove snow from large areas that impede your business operations. 
  • Gas Chainsaw. For removal of big trees from your property. 
  • Seeder-Fertilizer. To promote healthy and strong growth in new plants on your property. 
  • Skid Steer. For digging/excavating holes in your property for landscaping purposes. 
  • Excavator. To take care of large projects that need large-scale moving, digging and demolition. 

Do You Want to Make Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Dreams Come True?

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