Are you excited to get home to spend time in your backyard after work? Do you look forward to weekends when you can entertain family and friends? If you have an impressive outdoor entertainment space, then you surely do. And if you don’t, then you might be looking to add one.


A Growing Trend

Outdoor living spaces with all of the amenities are a trend that’s not going away. In fact, it’s one that only keeps growing. Every year we design and build more and more of these spaces—and every year the spaces become even more spectacular.

After all, today’s outdoor entertainment areas have come a long way from being just a patio and a grill. Outdoor kitchens now feature virtually any amenity that you’d find in an indoor kitchen. Plus, homeowners are completing the space with other features like a pavilion, an outdoor lounge area with television, fire features, and maybe even a pool. We’ve also worked with homeowners who desired a pool house with amenities like a changing area and a bathroom.

Some other valuable considerations for your outdoor living area might include audio and visual capabilities, landscape lighting, and water features. In outdoor kitchens, we’re getting interest in amenities such as refrigerators and freezers, power burners, running water, ice makers, dishwashers, and more.

In short, your outdoor living area can be anything you dream it to be.

Backyard Patio Cooking Area


Landscaping PlansPlanning Ahead

Of course, there is timing to think about. If it’s a space that you’d like to enjoy by next summer, you actually need to be planning for it now. Warmer weather may feel like it’s far off, but time always seems to go faster than we anticipate. Plus, a large-scale project like this takes time to design and build and is not something that can simply be rushed at the last minute.

There are also benefits to planning in advance that you’ll appreciate. A big one is that you can take some time to think through your design choices. A project like an outdoor kitchen alone can involve many choices. For instance, pavers come in so many colors and shape that it may take you some time to narrow down your options. And even your choice of granite countertops can be extensive. These selections take time. But by using the “off-season” to perfect the design, you can ensure you’re ready to go when it comes time to break ground.

Another benefit is getting on our schedule early—before it books out farther than you’d like. Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing an increasing amount of interest in projects like these and anticipate that trend will only speed up as we enter a new year. Even now, our schedule is already beginning to include spring and summer projects. By getting on our schedule now, you’ll secure your spot and won’t have to worry about it later.


Outdoor kitchenWatching your Dream Take Shape

As you begin the process of adding an outdoor living area to your backyard, one of the most exciting parts of it will be watching your vision—that backyard area you’ve been dreaming about—become a reality. By getting on our schedule early and taking the proper time to work with us on its design, you can feel confident that your space will come together exactly the way that you wanted it to. And when warmer weather rolls around, you could be spending time with your friends and family in your gorgeous new space, having the best summer yet.


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