The calendar has turned to August, and many of us are immersed in back to school season. While summer is not quite over yet, fall is quickly approaching. This time of year, some Northeast Ohio homeowners worry that they have missed the window for taking advantage of summer to complete some important landscape maintenance tasks. However, if you did not finish your major landscaping projects this summer, do not panic: Late summer and early fall is actually a great time of year for landscaping. If you have not finished your landscape maintenance this summer, here are just a few reasons to do so:


  • The landscaping you do now will put you at an advantage next spring. Proper landscape maintenance in the late summer and early fall actually lowers the risk of plant diseases in the spring. Fall is also a good time of year for fertilization treatments to ensure your lawn will grow healthy and strong next spring.


  • Late summer landscape maintenance is focused on preparing your yard for the next growing season. For example, all of the flower beds in your yard should be cleared of any dead plants and all debris should be removed. Your lawn should be cleared of any dead branches or debris that may have fallen during a storm. This clearing and cleaning is very important to ensure you start the next growing season at an advantage.


  • Your plants, trees, and shrubs should be professionally pruned. Many homeowners attempt to prune their landscape without the right tools and a lack of expertise. It is safer for you and your plants to allow a certified landscape team to prune your landscape.  Pruning is very important, as it guides the proper growth of your plants, trees and shrubs. Over-pruning can be detrimental to their health and stunt their growth.


  • Late summer and early fall is also the time to maintain the design elements of your landscape, such as a deck or patio. Before a long winter in Northeast Ohio, put your deck or patio to “hibernation” in the best possible condition you can. This includes tidying the area, removing debris, and cleaning all surfaces thoroughly.


  • Finally, be sure to maintain your lawn as the seasons change. The Cleveland area did not see significant rainfall in late July or early August. This has left many lawns across Northeast Ohio more brown and dry than green and thriving. Now is a good time to seed any bare spots so that your lawn grows back strong and healthy next spring.


Let Exscape Designs help you with your landscape maintenance tasks. Give us a call today to schedule your service. We look forward to helping you maintain the health and beauty of your landscape.

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