Today’s patios are much more than just a wood or concrete area in the back of a home. In fact, today’s homeowners are becoming more and more particular about their patio spaces and including unique aspects to them that respond to their needs.

Think design and function.
Many homeowners simply think about the design of their patio space, but the newest trend includes functionality. When a patio space includes items such as an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, bocce court or sunken dining area, the patio becomes a true entertaining space rather than just a site for a table or a grill.

Highlight with lighting.unique-patio
The prominence of LED lighting has made adding path lighting and decorative lighting around the patio an easy and affordable proposition. LED lighting can help guests safely navigate at night and can highlight the most beautiful areas of your yard.

Preparation is critical.
When building a patio, understanding the construction requirements will allow your patio to last. Excavation is needed in order to level and compact the soil below, followed by a gravel base for drainage and settling. Without this preparation, a patio may fail needlessly.

Complement your home.
Choose furniture that complements the style of your home for your patio. Carrying the same colors throughout your home and onto your patio helps the space to feel like a natural extension of your interior. Today’s outdoor fabrics are made to withstand the hazards of outdoor exposure.

Think excellent design with low maintenance.
No longer are people interested in patios that require a lot of work. With a busy lifestyle and a challenging economy, excellent patio designs created with low maintenance materials are the most popular.

Patios are so much more than just a place for your picnic table. Today’s patios are designed intentionally with careful construction and complementary to a home’s interior. Is a patio on your “must have” list? Contact Exscape Designs today for more information and a complementary consultation.

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