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Last month we touched on late fall/winter being a great time to work on designs for your dream yard. Well we just so happened upon a couple great online tools to help get the idea train rolling (hopefully not through your new yard). So let’s pretend it is May in November with these virtual online tools which can help you design that dream yard/garden!


Exscape-VisionScapeButton-Nov14 VisionScape is a powerful tool used by both consumers and landscape professionals alike. It can render your design ideas into 3D for a realistic look and feel.Not a big fan of that shadow which comes off your house at 4:30pm? You can input your geographic location to simulate realtime sun and shadows so you can find the perfect area of your yard for sun tanning.Yay, technology!
Exscape-PlanAGardenButton-Nov14 While VisionScape has our vote, Better Homes & Gardens also has a similar tool which uses drag and drop technology to design a garden. It can be found by clicking the “Plan-a-Garden” button.


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