1. A Return to the Rectangle

Exscape Designs Pool SurroundingsOne of the big trends we’ve noticed in recent years has been a return to the rectangular design. While the freeform shapes have been a big trend for a while, there are two reasons we think that’s shifted. For one, you can’t put an automatic cover on a freeform pool and auto covers have been in huge demand in recent years (see more below).

The other reason has to do with the shape itself. We’re seeing a lot more modern landscaping trends in general and a rectangular pool fits that style. As more landscape styles are created with a modern feel, we’re seeing a shift away from the freeform, curved edge pools and seeing a lot more pools with straight lines and sharp edges. And you don’t have to fear because that clean-line look is one that will never truly go out of style.


2. Another Layer of Safety

While it’s true that you do need to have a three or four-foot fence encapsulating your pool, most homeowners feel that’s not enough of a safety feature. Having an automatic cover installed over your pool or spa is an extra line of defense. Even if you personally don’t have young children living in your home, you must keep in mind the liability that a pool poses if someone else from your neighborhood climbs the fence and hops in your pool. An automatic cover provides an added safeguard to keep people out. Of course, it also keeps unwanted debris out of your pool. And, since it can easily go on and off at just the push of a button, you’ll be much more likely to follow through on using it.


3. Adding Features

 One of the most exciting aspects of getting a pool these days is the possibility to customize it with features that suit your wants and needs. For example, sun shelves (also referred to as Baja shelves or tanning ledges) are a very popular addition. They’re something that homeowners often experience on a vacation and then want to add to their home pool. These shallow ledges are a great place to cool off without becoming completely wet and can even be built large enough to fit a lounge chair and umbrella. If you have young children, they’re also a great space to sit and splash without getting into the pool.

Other popular features include water features like jets and fountains, LED lighting (which can even be made to change color), and even fire features. Adding features to your pool can really upgrade the luxury factor and also make your pool experience more enjoyable. With any combination of these possible features, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.


4. Automation Nation

These days everyone likes automation and it’s been no different with pool and spa technology. Of course, we’ve already mentioned the possibility of adding an auto cover. But pretty much anything you incorporate into your pool or spa can be controlled by a smart phone. That includes turning water features on and off, changing the color of your lighting, or even turning a heater on or off. With so many homeowners adopting smart home technology inside of their homes, it’s really no surprise that the same technology is now becoming popular in outdoor living spaces.


5. Going for just the Spa

Water FountainWhile we love building beautiful pools we also know that a pool is not right for everyone. Here in Northeast Ohio, we are limited to only utilizing a pool during certain times of the year. A spa, on the other hand, can be used year-round. For that reason, we do have a number of homeowners that opt for a spa alone.

We’ve also had some homeowners think of their spa as a sort-of spa/water feature combo that they have in use even when they’re not getting in. They might have a telescoping bubbler or fountains in their spa which they’ll run for the visual effects and tranquil sounds. A water feature is always a lovely addition to a landscape and goes a long way in boosting backyard aesthetics.


There’s no question that a pool or spa can create a backyard vacation destination for your family and friends. If you’re thinking about adding a pool or spa to your own backyard, we’d love to work with you on the design and build to ensure it’s exactly what you’ve always wanted. Speak with someone at Exscape Designs to get started.

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