Technology has completely revolutionized the options for landscape lighting. With new LED fixtures, homeowners can enjoy lovely, subtle lighting that can highlight each and every part of their yard. New fixtures in low maintenance materials make adding light easy and attractive. Here are just a few of the newest trends that can be added to your yard:

LED lights offer energy savings.
Low voltage LED lighting offers energy savings because of the low voltage nature of the fixtures. These can be easily cleaned and maintained – much easier than older incandescent fixtures.

Path lighting.landscape-lighting
Adding path lighting not only creates a welcoming effect to your home, but also a safety feature. Guests and family members will be able to easily see where they are and avoid hazards no matter how dark it is outside.

Beautiful outdoor fixtures.
Today’s newest outdoor lighting fixtures are now made with natural metal finishes such as copper and brass. Not only do these materials complement the natural landscape, they develop a patina that changes over time and requires no maintenance.

Highlight architectural features and focal points of yard with lighting.
If you have invested in your home or landscape, then lighting will help you to show off how lovely your home is. Lights near doorways, water features and structural elements can lend a designer feel to your outdoors.

Improve overall safety.
Homes that are dark can be an invitation for criminal activity. New trends in landscape lighting deal with this issue by lighting the entire footprint of the home in a subtle way, eliminating dark spots.

As you can see, adding landscape lighting to your home can not only highlight your landscaping, but can provide energy savings and safety. Have you been considering adding lighting to your yard? Call us today for expert assistance in lighting!

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