Are you getting down at the thought of summer fading? You don’t have to! As summer rolls into fall, now is a great time to update your landscape in many exciting ways so that you can continue to enjoy it for all of its beauty—as well as maximize your time outside.

Here are a few ideas.


orange and yellow fall mumsFall Plantings Enhance Your Landscape

There’s no question that spring is quintessentially thought of as the time for planting but in reality, the cooler fall weather creates the ideal conditions for new plants. The ground is still warm but the air is slightly cooler and plants won’t be overly taxed by the hot sun. Trees and shrubs can be installed in the fall to improve privacy, boost curb appeal, or enhance an outdoor living space in the backyard.

In addition, adding fall flowers to your landscape can help it to look colorful and bright, even as many other plants around your property will begin to go into dormancy.

Some of the best fall flowers that can brighten your Northeast Ohio home include Swiss chard, kale, mums, pansies, and violas. These flowers can be incorporated into landscape beds or as seasonal containers to brighten a doorstep or patio. It’s a great way to keep your landscape blooming until the snow falls as many of these plants will give you color into November.

A lot of homeowners forget that fall is also the time to plant spring bulbs. If you’re going to want the springtime beauty of flowers like tulips or daffodils, you (or your landscape professional) will need to think ahead and plant now.


beautiful green grassImprove your Lawn’s Health with Aeration and Overseeding

If you’re looking to have a thick and healthy lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, then you’ll want to make sure you aerate and overseed in the fall. Lawn aeration is a service in which an aerator makes small holes throughout the lawn by pulling soil plugs (also referred to as “cores”) from the ground. These cores are then left on the lawn to naturally decompose and add nutrients back into the soil.

The entire process allows your lawn to “breathe” by allowing more oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and make their way to the root system, where they’re needed most. Given the clay-like soil conditions in our region, this is really important.

Fall is the best time to aerate and overseed due to the fact that the fall weather is ideal for new seedling growth. Again, the warm soil and the cool air temperatures create the perfect growing conditions for new grass.

By having aeration and overseeding performed, you’ll help create a thick, carpet-like lawn that you love spending time on.


beautiful landscaped patio with firepitThere’s Still Time for a Fire Pit and/or Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If you’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, you might be feeling sad about the shorter days as it gets darker earlier and earlier. The chilly fall weather might also feel like it’s putting limitations on your outdoor fun. But it doesn’t have to! It’s not too late to add a fire pit and/or outdoor landscape lighting to your home.

Those homeowners who have added an outdoor fire pit say it extends the time they spend outdoors by throwing both light and heat. This Pepper Pike project, for instance, also created the perfect entertaining spot for cozy fall fun. Similarly, you can’t quite beat the ambiance created by a mesmerizing fire, like this Hillside Retreat in Cleveland.

Of course, outdoor lighting is so important, as well. It enhances the curb appeal while boosting safety and security in the front yard—and it makes a backyard outdoor space more useable. If you want to be able to spend more time outside during the fall months, you’ll need to be able to safely navigate the space even after the sun goes down.


Making Your Wise Choice in Landscape Partners for Extended Fall Fun

If you’re considering one or more of these fall landscape projects to help transition your property into a new season, then we’d love to help. By partnering with a professional, you can ensure that these projects get completed in a way that you’re proud of the end the result.

That means you can start enjoying more time outdoors and truly getting the most out of your property.

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