Just like fashion, landscape designers in the Cleveland area are always focusing on the newest design trends, materials, and ways for families to better utilize their outdoor space. While there are many tried-and-true ways to express your personal style in your yard, there are some new trends that may be worth considering.

Add interest to your yard with Native plants. Taking advantage of what grows naturally in Geauga County will help you to achieve beautiful growth in your yard. Landscape architecture firms like to use native plants for their heartiness, easy adaptability to the area, and the way that they blend in with the existing natural environment. Certified landscape technicians working in Chardon can help you to determine which plants will work best for your area.

Utilize drip irrigation. With continuing concerns over making sure that natural resources are used wisely, drip irrigation provides the perfect option for watering plants without wasting water. Generally installed by Cleveland landscapers, drip irrigation features sprinkler lines that drip water at the base of plants as it is needed, rather than spraying a large area like traditional sprinkler systems.

Add vegetables to existing landscaping beds.  This is an innovative way that Pepper Pike landscapers are helping families to eat better and maintain the beauty of their yards. Instead of a dedicated vegetable garden, plants such as tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini and cucumbers are interspersed between other perennials and shrubs. The benefit is that when the vegetable plants have finished their growing season, they can be pulled without interrupting the overall design of the yard.

Enhance outdoor entertaining spaces.  Outdoor entertaining spaces will continue to be a major focus for Chardon landscape designers during the next year. Whether adding a deck, patio, an outdoor kitchen, or a fire pit, making yards accessible as entertaining areas provides families many options throughout the year. Wood decks are being replaced with stone and complete outdoor kitchens, with lighting, refrigeration, sinks, and grills are becoming more and more common in landscape design.

Brighten your yard with LED lighting. With an environmentally-friendly use of electricity, LED lighting can not only highlight areas of beauty in your yard but can provide safety for those walking at night and can prevent theft and break-ins. Generally installed by professional landscapers, LED lighting is easy to maintain and can provide the finishing touch for new landscaping.

There are so many notable trends to watch in landscaping design for 2013. From adding vegetables to your planting beds to outdoor kitchens and LED lighting, there is a myriad of ways to enjoy your yard this year. Need more information on how to incorporate these trends into your yard? Call Exscape Designs today!


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