Landscaping design is not immune from changes in aesthetics and lifestyle issues. While trends of the past may have included perfectly shaped shrubs and barbeques in the driveway, things have changed over time. As home trends have evolved, landscaping trends have followed right along.

One of the most prevalent trends during 2012 will be the continued focus on eco-friendly landscaping. While you may assume that any type of landscaping (since the plants themselves are part of nature) is eco-friendly, that’s just not the case. True eco-friendly landscaping completed by a Cleveland landscaper takes it up a notch. One of the biggest eco-friendly landscaping trends is to work on eliminating weeds without using harsh chemicals. Whether homeowners choose to use “green” landscaping fabrics or use garden mulch, these options avoid the use of chemicals that can leech into groundwater and soil, causing issues that can be hard to overcome.

Another “green” trend in landscaping is to use less water. In the past, you could walk through any neighborhood at six o’clock in the morning and see that nearly every home had their sprinkler system on. That is just not the case anymore. More and more, homeowners are opting to plant drought-tolerant or low-maintenance varieties of plants in their yard so that they don’t require the constant watering of more sensitive plantings. In addition, many homes have now connected rain barrels to their downspouts, giving them a convenient way to collect rainwater to re-purpose for watering pots of plants and vegetables. All of these eco-friendly trends are ones to continue to watch for in the upcoming months.

Outdoor Deck, Firepit and Walkway

Creating a new outdoor patio landscape design or deck is another hot trend to watch for during 2012. With new hardscape materials available, and more people focused on outdoor entertaining, having a patio that is guest-friendly is key. Gone are the days of a simple, elevated deck. Now, homeowners want to be a part of the landscape they have worked hard to maintain. Lowering patios to ground level and adding functional and aesthetic items such as fire pits, cooking areas, serving tables and easy access to the home’s kitchen are all options that are the most popular right now. Surrounding those new patio areas are “blended gardens” – gardens that offer not only flowers and shrubs, but a variety of vegetables and herbs. By combining permanent plantings with those of a vegetable garden, the entire landscape has an integrated, welcoming feel.
Clearly, the trends that are emerging in 2012 are focused on eco-friendly, outdoor living that shows off your property to its best. By eliminating harsh chemicals and adding family-friendly outdoor living spaces with integrated vegetable garden beds, you and your family will enjoy your yard more than ever before in 2012.

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