Summer is back open! And it’s time to rejuvenate your pool deck! Your pool is a fun, relaxing way to enjoy your summer, invite friends and just chill out. While the pool is the main attraction, the look of your pool deck makes a statement about the overall landscape. A great-looking pool deck adds to the leisurely atmosphere you’re trying to acquire for your overall pool experience. If you’re planning to upgrade your pool deck or looking to build one, here are six inexpensive pool deck ideas.

Common Materials Used as Inexpensive Pool Deck

When it comes to pool decks, materials matter because everyone is barefoot. So, it’s important that the surface is easy to walk on, not slippery, and feels well under the foot, even when it’s 100 degrees outside. You also want to ensure that the material you go with compliments your existing landscape to make an overall unique design for your backyard. 

Also, when it comes to materials, you don’t have to think ridiculously big. Some perfectly inexpensive materials will scream lavish style and grace for your outdoor living. Here are some materials to consider using on your pool deck that will look nice, be safe and won’t break the bank. 

Poured Concrete

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is the surface of choice for most people with pool decks. It’s comfortable, safe, water-resistant, non-slippery and durable. Poured concrete can be formed to any shape you like curves or geometric patterns and is affordable ($2 to $6 per square foot). 

If you’re looking to pour concrete for a small deck (6’x6’ or less), then it’s certainly a do-it-yourself job. However, if larger than that, make sure to hire a professional because concrete can start to set within minutes if it’s a hot, dry day. It will need to be smoothed out quickly. That takes skill and precision and if done wrong, it could result in you having to break it all up and starting all over again. Ouch! 

Pre-Cast Cement Pavers

Pre-cast cement pavers are a welcome alternative if you’re not interested in poured concrete. This type of cement can be bought in different geometrical shapes and various gray and earthly tones. Pre-cast cement pavers are even more affordable than concrete ($2 to $5 per square foot), depending on whether you want to tackle it yourself or get it done by professional installers.  

Keep in mind that if the pavers are not correctly installed over an excavated bed of sand or gravel, they can sink. And that will create an uneven decking surface that’s not a fun experience for you or your guests.


Brick installations are similar to pre-cast cement pavers — over a bed of sand to keep the brick from moving. Brick is a durable material that comes in different colors as well as patterns. With brick, the landscape takes on a classic look, and it has been the material of choice for many historic homes. That is also why the cost is a little more expensive (from $2.50 to $10 per brick and square foot) depending on the type of brick you want and whether or not you do it yourself or hire a professional. 

If choosing to do this yourself, be mindful that each brick will need to be set individually which will make installation a time-consuming task. Some other words of caution are lighter shades of brick don’t absorb heat as well as darker shades do, so they will be more pleasant for bare feet to be on in hot weather. So, remember to consider lighter-colored bricks, preferably paver bricks, without holes for decking.


A wood surface on the pool deck is an excellent way to upgrade your current pool deck. Owners can set it up on top of the existing pool deck. It has a smooth finish and feels great when you’re barefoot. It’s a material many installers look to for building the stairs and decks around above-ground pools. The cost to install (from $8.50 to $15 per square foot) will depend on the type of wood and whether or not you do it yourself or hire a professional. 

If choosing to do this yourself, you should know that the wood you select should work well on the exterior, like redwood, teak, cedar, or Ipa (an exotic hardwood). This helps with water and insect damage. Wood decking will need a floor joist system constructed to install the decking boards onto. 

As with wood finishes, it will need protection from the weather, even if it’s the most weather-resistant type of wood. This is inevitable; it’s a product of nature. So, sealant will need to be applied annually. To get the most life from your wood, it’s a good practice to use refinishing (sanding and the application of sealant) every three or four years.

Natural Stones

Natural Stones

Stone is more of an upscale material with different choices, like travertine, limestone and sandstone. This gives any landscape a natural look and provides a graceful surface for outdoor lounging and entertainment. It also feels pretty good to walk on. Stones are the more expensive of all the recommendations here. You’ll pay a little more (from $8 to $33 per square foot) depending on the stone and whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. 

If choosing to do this yourself, consider using unglazed stone tile as glazed tile can be slippery, which could cause safety issues at your pool. Also, as with wood, consider light shades of tile for underfoot comfort because they will not absorb much heat.

Some of the Inexpensive Pool Deck Ideas

Having an inground pool installed in your backyard can be expensive, more than $20,000. While inground pools are the ideal dream pool for most homeowners who desire pools, above-ground pools also great offerings. For one, they’re less expensive, but they can also have some appeal. With some creativity and great pool deck planning, they can be stunning works of art. And they’re ideal for a great summer oasis at home. Here’s a list of some inexpensive pool deck ideas.

Poured Concrete Decking

Poured concrete decking is a smart choice for any homeowner. It adds a sense of comfort to your landscape and it’s durable. 

Pool Wrapped in Wood and Stone

A pool wrapped in wood and stone is a great blend into the surroundings of your home. The natural materials can be thoughtfully positioned so the pool appears right at home in the backyard. If you’re looking for a way to blend your pool into the natural environment, a wood and stone combination is the way to go.

Corner Pool with Terraced Wooden Deck

This is a pool with a fully wrapped around deck that serves multiple functions: stairs and seating. Use the material of your choice to serve as the terrace wall: siding, stone, brick, etc. The corner pool is a great space saver if you desire a pool but don’t have a huge backyard. At about 8×18 in size, it can fit almost anywhere.

Above-Ground Pool with Platform Wooden Deck

If space is not an issue, this is more what you’re looking for. The raised pool deck, with paneled walls, acts as a barrier to protect children and your pets. The infiltration equipment can fit neatly underneath the pool.

Semi Buried Pool with Natural Stone and Wooden Deck

A semi-buried pool is an above-ground pool placed at ground level. It has no excavation; it sits on the ground. Wrap the pool walls and top rails with your favorite stone and wood combination, and you’re making a dynamic statement. 

Above Ground Pool with Wood Deck

Above-Ground Pool with Wood Deck

A hardwood like Ipa is a perfect choice for a wood pool deck. It has outstanding resistance to rot and the weather. Add railings and a safety pool cover for the off-season and you have the perfect blend of summer fun and leisure.


There’s nothing better than spending the summer relaxing at your home, near your own pool and enjoying your nicely displayed poolside deck. But to really enjoy the experience, you need to make sure it’s set up right and have the right materials for the look you’re going for. Most importantly, it should be affordable.

If you like these inexpensive pool deck ideas, then it’s time to get your plan in motion. Choose a material that you like, that fits your existing landscape, and fits your budget. You can exhaust countless hours as you take the time to learn the ins and outs you need to know to have a spectacular pool deck, or you can get in touch with Exscape Designs

At Excscape Designs, we put our clients’ needs first and design around their unique preferences and vision. If you still aren’t sure exactly what you’re looking for in a pool deck, we can help you with that too. We can get the conversation started, so you’ll be more comfortable and informed in making your decision. Contact Exscape Designs or call us at 440-729-0011.

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