As your local landscape design partner, we would love to assist you in your next landscape installation. However, you might have no idea what you want, or even what will be popular in 2023. It is our job to educate you on this topic and make sure you can find the right idea for you. Here are 10 of the most popular landscape design trends for 2023.

1) Native Plant Material

This is a trend that will not go away anytime soon and for good reason. Native plants are low maintenance and require less resource use than plants not accustomed to the area. This means healthier plants and better blooms.

2) Outdoor KitchensExamples of Affordable Shade Structures for Your Smaller Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces should be areas where you can ensure that guests can be adequately hosted, and there is no better way than an outdoor kitchen. Bring the convenience of cooking to the outdoors, with less mess and more fun.

3) Pergola

Speaking of hosting, why not add a roof to your patio? By extending the use of your outdoor space by covering up from the rain, or the hot sun, you can maximize your outdoor living investment.

4) Pavilions

If you want the benefits of a pergola in a distinct and free-standing space, then a pavilion is the trendiest option for you. This pavilion can be designed from the ground up in an open space in your yard, filled with any amenity you would like.

A Fireplace5) Fire Pits

Outdoor hosting has been the hot topic in this blog, and this is because it is becoming increasingly trendy with all age groups. What better way to spend time outdoors in the winter than by cooking some smores over the fire pit?

6) Natural Pools

In previous blogs we have discussed the design components of various pool types. One trendy pool design is one that is closely integrated with the landscape. Surrounded by plant material, accented with shrubs for privacy, and perhaps even installed with some natural stone edges.

7) Vertical Gardening

Not everyone has an expansive backyard to landscape within, and sometimes space needs to be maximized. This is why vertical gardening has become so trendy, as you can fit more flowers in a vertical space without using that horizontal floor.

8) Retaining WallsTop 10 Landscape Design Trends for 2023

Although retaining walls have been used for many years for their functionality in spreading out water runoff, they have now become a trendy aesthetic choice. You can use them to structurally separate parts of the property, or as a base for flower installation.

9) Mediterranean Style Gardening

There are a wide array of aesthetics that come in and out of popularity each year, but one of the longest sustained choices is that of the Mediterranean. Everyone wants to feel like they are spending the evening in Mykonos or Santorini, and we do not blame them.

10) Privacy Landscaping

Nobody wants to feel like their outdoor space is easily seen, and the best way to create privacy is not with a fence. It screams luxury when you use shrubs and trees to create natural privacy in your landscape.

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