Outdoor pool designs do not have to be fleeting and trendy. They can also be timeless. Nor do pools have to be outrageously expensive. You can build cheap swimming pools right in your backyard that last you for years to come. 

Whether you want a family-sized pool, a five-foot deep pool or a large pool for your own pleasure, we have the 10 best designs below. 

What Are the Main Types of Pools

What Are the Main Types of Pools?

Later on, we have the top designs for pools. But what are the three main types of pools in general? What materials do pool manufacturers use to create your dream outdoor pool? 

Let’s take a look right now. 


Vinyl-lined pools mean that vinyl lines the inside of your water pool. Your structure will be an above-ground pool with plastic or metal frames to support it. Your pool dealer will join plastic, steel or aluminum panels to the frame. They can also join prefab supporting walls to the frame. 

Heavy-duty vinyl then lines the structure to give it a form. Your professional team rests this vinyl lining atop a sand bed. The coping weighs down the top while it provides you with a structured pool border. 

If you go to the best company for pool installation, they often have vinyl liners for pools that can make them last for 10 to 18 years. But in general, vinyl will wear away because of elemental exposure and chemicals that treat pools for cheap. 


When you look up swimming places over the summer, you often find concrete pools wherever you end up going. This is because concrete is the most popular building material for swimming pools. 

Steel-reinforced concrete forms the base of these pools. It lasts a while and is easy to maintain for the large pools you find in residential areas. Professionals can come in and replaster the structure whenever they need to. 

To install concrete pools, a crew will come in and dig a hole in your yard. They frame the sides and bottom of this hole with steel rods. Then, they can turn them into pretty much any shape you want. Once they place the steel rods, they spray a finishing material on the pool surface. 


Here is our personal favorite: Fiberglass. Not only is this the least hassle for you, but it can last up to 15 years without much maintenance. These types of pools often come ready-made so that your expert team can position and place the structure into its appropriate hole in your yard. 

Since fiberglass is such a smooth material, algae is not much of an issue; it cannot hang on to your pool. 

Look at These Cool Pool Designs

We have the most stunning and unique designs for pools here. No more searching for The Pool Factory closest to you, or trolling the pages of your local superstore website for the best Walmart swimming pools. Gone are the days of searching for “private pools near me” every time you have a free day of blistering heat. 

Below, you will find a great selection of designs for pools, regardless of what you want to primarily use your pool for. You may be in the market for an adult swimming pool or one for your little ones to frolic around in on hot summer days. Either way, we have the answers for you right now. 

Moroccan Design Pool

Do you have Pinterest boards filled with boho inspiration? Maybe you love to emulate exotic aesthetics in your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

If so, Moroccan-design pools are the pools for you. If you want to go all out, you can add water fountains to your pool structure. If you only have room in your budget for relatively cheap pools, you still have options here. 

You can install Moroccan tiles to the sides and floor of your pool. Also consider adding a pergola to your outdoor space and covering it in vines, plants and vibrant leaves to bring the whole vibe together. 

Fiberglass Inground Pool

Fiberglass Inground Pool

You have a lot of fiberglass inground pool designs to choose from. 

Do you have a panorama of lush trees surrounding your property line? Highlight your favorite parts of your exterior space with the Ascent luxury pool design

Do you have a lawn that you (and your neighbors) just can’t get enough of? A lawn that you spend countless hours maintaining and upgrading? Think about the Grandeur design. 

Love the cabana look for your outdoor quarters? Do you want to recreate that resort feeling everytime you step outside? Go for the Symphony design. 

Maybe you want to stick to an organic and natural appeal for your pool. If that is the case, check out the Aria pool design. 

Infinity Glass Pool

We get that sometimes, you have such a stunning property that you do not want to take away from its splendor with a gaudy display for your pool. What if we told you there was a way to accomplish that with an apparently endless swimming pool? 

Infinity glass pools are simple while still making a bit of a statement. Infinity pools look like they do not have an edge. Instead, it seems like they spill on into– well– infinity. This is why you can think of one as an endless pool. It is endless in its potential, too. 

The Organic Pool

Organic pools are perfect for you minimalists out there. They often feature limited pavement. The paving they do have is usually a natural stone pathway to and around the pool. 

Some organic pools have fire pits that you can add to the structure. But the overarching goal with these is to emphasize the natural outdoor setting around them. You will draw your eye to the landscape at large, and the pool that appears is an added bonus. 

If you want to incorporate waterfalls into your design, the organic pool is the perfect place to do so. 

Flowery Pool

Dimension is always a perfect way to draw the eye to your outdoor pool. Why not add dimension and depth with a flowery pool? 

Here, you can install lights of your choice under the rippling water. Go for a simple design and add earthy-toned hedges along the side of your pool. Then, change up the expected with bright flowers of varying heights throughout. 

You can even build in or add stand-alone platforms to boost the appeal of your flowers with this design. 

Scenic View Pool

We know that we have talked a big game about scenic views surrounding your pool. But it is such a stunning idea that the scenic-view pool warrants its own section today. 

You have endless options for a pool structure that heightens the allure of its scenic view. 

If you want a simple and modern look, go for an infinity pool that has an endless edge disappearing into the landscape around you. 

On the hunt for a pool that can measure up to your fruitful garden? A simple but curving free-form pool with rocks and flowers galore will work in your favor. 

Or maybe you have a great, secluded space with plenty of trees for privacy. If you have some extra room there, think about a pool to fill the gaps. 

Gazebo Pool

You might have a gazebo in your backyard that you spent a great amount of time and effort on. But you still feel like something is missing; what could it be? 

A gazebo pool, of course! These types of pools complement your outdoor structure more than anything else. They can line up in front of your gazebo, or run adjacent to it. Almost all different shapes are an option here. Some creative homeowners even build a pool around their gazebo structure. 

Ranch House Pool

Ranch houses are a timeless style of home, original and renovated ones alike. 

So if you live in one, why aren’t you boosting its property value even more with a ranch-house pool?

Think about replacing your standard back porch with a body of water that transforms the average brick into a dreamy oasis. Then, you can add an outdoor bar or kitchen. Believe us when we say that you will never want to spend your evenings inside ever again. 

Stone Finished Pool

Stone Finished Pool

You might love stone as an outdoor feature, but think that your earthy style of home means you cannot use stone too. Think again. Stone-finished pools go with wood and classic building materials like sugar and spice. 

Stone finishes add an unexpected touch to an otherwise-organic exterior. 

Shipping Container Pool

This one is for our unique, eclectic and creative types of homeowners. Did you know that you can repurpose a shipping container into a pool

It’s true. And it’s glorious. It turns your outdoor living area into a one-of-a-kind escape. And these are a great option for those of you who do not have acres upon acres of space to work with. 


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