Are you on the hunt for some new exterior house colors in 2021? If so, you came to the right place.

Home colors for your humble abode have not changed very much throughout the years. But homeowners are beginning to flip the script.

This emerging fact has two huge upsides.

Number one: when the rest of your block’s exterior house colors are the same drab hue, you get to stand out. After years of stagnant trends, it could be your (and your home’s!) time to shine.

Number two: the greatest trending exterior house colors 2021 are bold. But they are also timeless. Select the best exterior paint (per our expert advice), and you will not have to worry about your exterior paint colors going out of style years from now. Instead, you are paying for a look that will continue to wow onlookers for many more years to come.

Let’s get into it.

What is the Most Popular Exterior House Color Today?

Right off the bat, you might be asking: “Okay, so what is the most popular color? Which one is the best outdoor paint that money can buy?”

Answering that can get a little bit tricky, and you don’t have to take our word for it.

Just drive down your nearest street with a range of unique homes. What do you see?

Once you take that drive, a more appropriate question would be: “What don’t you see?”

After spending so much of 2020 at home, many of us found solace in home improvement. That probably has a good bit to do with the uptake in one-of-a-kind exterior house painting, according to some industry experts.

So when it comes down to it, it is up to your personal preference. It is a good thing that there is not just one top contender for the most popular exterior house colors 2021. This means you have all the room in the world to experiment with your house color-schemes exterior.

Paint Colors to Consider for Your Trendy House Exterior

The idea of having so many possibilities to pick from may feel overwhelming to you. But find comfort in the fact that you are not alone in that feeling. Nobody wants to have to browse the Home Depot exterior paint aisles for hours, only to leave with swatches that you don’t all-the-way love.

So keep reading for today’s best house paint ideas. We have an easy-to-follow guide of the top 10.

Once you make your choice, you will be in bliss. Look forward to that first moment, when you lay eyes on your new and improved home as you pull up to your driveway. It’s a feeling you won’t soon forget.

After all, solace will be just outside your front door when you find your favorite exterior house colors 2021. And we are here to help you discover it.

Grey Tone

We know, we know: grey?

After all our talk about the bold exterior house colors 2021, it may seem counterintuitive to talk about this one first.

But trust us. It’s way better than you can imagine.

Think of those rich, deep shades of charcoal grey. You know the ones: they catch your eye, reflect light and add a dimension you didn’t know was possible.

If you want a bold approach to the outside of your home, this is the way to go. You can cover old and faded beige colors all around with a coat of charcoal. If you want to start with something more subtle, consider a grey accent wall or painting over your current front door.

Even think about painting your entire house exterior with the shade and adding a rustic, off-white color to your door. This creates the perfect mix of vintage and modern aesthetics.

Two-Tone Color

Two-tone color as an idea for exterior house colors 2021 leaves a lot to your creative devices. But there are so many ways you can do it right.

Do you have a vibrant garden or dream of having one someday?

You don’t have to wait to bring those varying and bright greens to your backyard. You can mix two tones of paint colors for your exterior.

There are kelly greens mixed with forest pines for an earthy yet bright appearance.

Maybe you have some other colors in mind. Play with creative ideas and see what you come up with.

Navy blues on your home’s lower half with white on top is a fun idea for A-frame or Craftsman-style houses.

The possibilities are endless, but so are the chances to be proud of the most stunning home you have ever lived in.

Black or Dark-Grey Accent

A lot of people think that a black or dark-grey exterior is only an option for modern houses. Those people would be mistaken.

We are in the age of fearless home improvements. And as a result? We have entered the age of some of the most outstanding houses yet.

That’s why even those who own traditional homes are adding dark accents to the exterior. Others go all out, painting the entirety of their house black or dark grey.

Classic Massachusetts homes are a prime example of everything that can go right with a dark exterior.

Plus, this choice for exterior house colors 2021 pairs swimmingly with shrubs, greenery and a healthy lawn.

Warm Whites and Creams

Maybe the thought of a dark house or busy colors isn’t your cup of tea. Instead of that popular modern look, you might prefer a warm, soothing color palette for your homestead.

And to that, we say: we have a solution for you, too.

Warm tones of whites and creams are not to be overlooked or undervalued.

These exterior house colors 2021 rest gently on the eye and contrast well with a soft accent.

Think of an eggshell stucco with a sage-green door. Perhaps snow-white siding with a blushing color on your shutters is more up your alley.

No matter what you prefer, this color scheme is sure to make a statement that lasts.

Earth Green

The idea of those two-tone greens we talked about earlier may seem appealing to you, but not the perfect fit.

Have you thought of earthy green tones, though?

If you have a proclivity towards organic and neutral styles, you will gravitate towards these exterior house colors 2021.

Not only are these shades that give the word “muddy” a whole new (and gorgeous) meaning. They also calm your mind and soul when you look at them.

You can stick to a natural moss-green color for your entire exterior. But a burnt-orange or black front door mixed in could pique your interest, too (it certainly piques ours!). 

Black Contrasting Exteriors

As you can tell, we love contrast for house exteriors. Believe us when we say that you will, too.

Take, for example, black exteriors with contrasting doors. Here, modern and classic elements join together to make the perfect combination.

Dark siding and a brighter or lighter color for your entryway is an unexpected twist. A silky-black Tudor-style house with a bright-white door is even more so.

Charcoal Shades With Pastel Colors

Do you have a traditional, ranch-style house? Do you want to keep its classic glory but add something that will level up those darker tones on its siding? 

Start thinking about muted-pastel accents for a flirty but classy exterior.

Pale pink, powder blue or a honey, lemony shade could be just what you are searching for. Paint your front door or archways. You can also add a coat to your trim or garage door.

Wood Colors or Wood Claddings

Do you crave a unique yet still-classic exterior? Often, homeowners overlook the idea of wood accents as an idea for exterior house colors 2021.

Take advantage of its allure before everyone else does, because this trend is on the rise.

Imagine a mid-century modern home. You might first think of a dark, gloomy exterior. Now, imagine that you add wood claddings on an accent wall.

Big difference, right?

Slate Blue

Crossing the line between contemporary and traditional, slate blue exterior house colors 2021 are on the up-and-up.

Remodeled colonials reap the benefits of this shade.

You could keep it simple with this stand-alone color. Also consider supplementing it with contrasts, like wood claddings or barn-red accents.

White Trims

Changing the whole color of your house intimidates some. But you don’t have to take such a drastic approach to the matter.

Your home may be colorful, or a typical off-white shade. It could be black, or a muted tone.

When you spend a small amount of time painting white trim on your exterior, it has a huge effect.

Sometimes, small changes have the most visually appealing results.


You might not want your neighbors to offer a round of applause every time they see your exterior house colors. But we admit: that might be hard for them to suppress when you have the most stunning piece of property on the block.

You want a home that’s the talk (or whisper, if you’re humble) of the town.

And while only you know exactly what your vision is, Exscape Designs knows how to bring it to life. As a matter of fact, your vision is the heart of our work.

Head to our blog for more fun tips and helpful guides for home improvement. Click here to check out our portfolio and see what we can do for you, whether you need the best exterior painters or anything in between. 

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