While we offer maintenance services to properties of all types, the name of our company is Exscape Designs. Our roots are in landscape design, and we began by building a design-focused team on a foundation of core values we will never stray from. We love to design landscapes that our clients love, and it just so happens we built a company out of it. Many times this comes with a long consultative process where we find the specific installations that will most benefit our client. One uncommon addition that we wanted to shed some light on is the pavilion. It can provide great value as protection from the weather, and as a structural element that houses other amenities. We will use this blog to give you some tips on selecting the right pavilion for your property.

Tips for Selecting the Right Pavilion Matching House Style

Matching Material to Home Style

The first thing to consider when adding a pavilion is the material that will be used. Pavilions can be constructed with a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, metal, and even stone. While some of these materials are more durable than others, they will all be constructed to last for many years. The real way to choose material is in accordance with the style of your home. Ask yourself what material will match the theme of your house, and work with your designer to take that material and further align it with the theme of your landscape.

Patio Pavilion for Indoor Activities

Part of the allure of a pavilion is the ability to extend your indoor space into the outdoors. The way to maximize this aspect of a pavilion is with one over the top of your patio, connected to your house. This way you can walk out your backdoor into a covered space that looks like it could be indoors. Add couch seating, a television, or even an outdoor kitchen. For those without a spacious backyard to work with, or who do not want a standalone pavilion this is a great option.

Pool Adjacent Pavilion for Summer Fun

Another one of our staple services is pool design and installation. This means that many of our landscaping and pool clients crossover. After installing a pool, many customers are looking to surround it with amenities to enhance the experience. If this sounds like you, a pavilion is the perfect starting point. This gives you a shady area to add seating and a kitchen for summer snacks. An outdoor kitchen under the pavilion is also the best place to make yourself a cool beverage for a long night.

Outdoor Pavilion for Pure Aesthetics

All of the previously mentioned pavilion tips suggest that you want to use your pavilion like it is a room. Not everyone wants to do this. Sometimes the pavilion can be designed as an aesthetic installation, smaller in size, and with less coverage. If this is your goal, then we can help! This opens up endless possibilities, from a reading nook with a couple of seats, to a personless pavilion filled with plants. 

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