There is a wide range of commercial property types that we service at Exscape, which each presents individual needs to which we provide tailored solutions. The needs of each property are determined by the purpose of the property, and who is utilizing it. For competitive commercial properties like office buildings, apartment complexes, and retail centers our job is to beat out similar properties in the area with a superior landscape. With the commercial property type, we will be discussing today, this is not so much the case. Facilities are a different breed of property, with needs that tend to lean more functional than aesthetic. Industrial facilities need safety and security, while medical facilities need to be accessible. We know this, which is why we are the right partner for Cleveland facility managers.

Improved Accessibility with Commercial Snow Removal

Rather than look better than other facilities, the way to win for a facility manager is to keep the property open and accessible. This can be a challenge in the wintertime, as we all know how prone the Cleveland area is to a snowstorm. When this happens you need a commercial snow removal company on call to plow snow, melt ice, and make sure your workers can get there while residents stay safe. So, what better combination than to partner up with a landscaping company that can also provide those snow removal services that are so vital to the continuity of your business in the winter?

Full-Service Design and Maintenance

Being a landscape design company first, your facility gets all the benefits of working with world-class landscape designers. When beginning to work on your facility, we will tailor our maintenance program to the designs that will be most beneficial and sustainable for your landscape. Anytime you need another service or think of something worthwhile for the facility, you do not have to look around for a vendor. With Exscape, you can keep everything close to your chest, using a landscaping company you know and trust. From adding an outdoor common area to getting your turf cut, we are the right partner.

Creating a Low Maintenance and Sustainable Facility

Do not get us wrong, we think your facility landscape should be full of beautiful flowers and a luscious lawn to keep both morale and respect high. However, we also think that in doing so, your landscape should be easy to maintain and sustainable. By prioritizing the installation of low-maintenance plant material native to the area, you can reduce resource use and thus cost. We can design your landscape with this in mind, and ownership is sure to be happy with an increase on the bottom line.

Hospitable Beauty for Staff and Visitors

While functionality is so important for facilities, with organized walkways and usable patios, these areas should also be lined with beauty. What separates average facilities from great facilities is the quality of their landscape. When you work with Exscape, we will collaborate with you to create a landscape that shows off your investment in the people of your property. All it takes is a quick look at our portfolio to see the kind of picturesque beauty we can create.

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