With the snow finally starting to melt and the spring season emerging, chances are you’re thinking about spending more time in your outdoor living space. You may be looking forward to evenings and weekends spent outside in the fresh air rather than cooped up in the house.

Of course, you’ll want your backyard patio to look its best if you’re going to be hanging out there more.

The truth is, a properly installed paver patio will not require a tremendous amount of maintenance. It shouldn’t be growing weeds in the joints or reveal any cracks—both signs that something may have been installed improperly. The lack of future maintenance involved in your patio’s upkeep is one of the key perks of having it installed by a professional.

Even so, while there shouldn’t be a lot to do, some occasional maintenance will help to keep your outdoor patio looking and functioning as it should. We’ll discuss a couple of the key maintenance tasks you should consider.


Outdoor Patio Ideas for Maintenance

Exscape Designs Outdoor Patio Ideas for MaintenanceOf the key maintenance factors to help your patio look its best, it’s definitely recommended that you clean and seal your pavers. Generally speaking, sealing should be performed every three years or so—dependent upon factors such as how much sun hits your patio and what the weather conditions have been like. A particularly harsh winter can definitely take a toll on your pavers.

The entire process should begin with cleaning. Having your pavers power washed will help them start looking fresh and new again. It’s important to note that power washing without a special attachment called a “scrubber” can leave unwanted (and unattractive) lines on your patio.

Once the pavers are washed, they should be left to dry before moving on to sealing.

Sealing pavers is a way to protect your investment in your backyard patio. This practice has a number of benefits including preventing stains, protecting the color from fading, reducing moss growth, and giving your patio a new look. Sealed pavers are also better protected from harsh weather conditions. It’s a great way to keep your pavers looking and performing their best.


A Note on Damage Repair

Exscape Designs A Note on Damage RepairSometimes as the snow melts, it occasionally reveals damage that’s been done to your outdoor patio—possibly as the result of winter weather or plowing. If this is the case then the sooner you can have repairs done, the better. By getting out early to inspect your patio and spot any problems quickly, you can get back to enjoying your space.

One of the nice benefits to pavers is how easily they can be replaced should one somehow become chipped or damaged in some way. It’s one of the biggest benefits over a product like stamped concrete which, when cracked, has no simple fix.



Enjoying Your Backyard Patio to the Fullest

Enjoying Your Backyard Patio to the Fullest with Exscape DesignsCleaning and sealing pavers—and spotting damage early on—are important when it comes to protecting your investment in your patio and ensuring that you are able to enjoy it for many years down the road. At Exscape Designs, we care about our clients and want them to be able to get the most out of the outdoor spaces that we design and build for them. Taking good care of your patio will help allow you to enjoy it well into your future.



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