Adding spring color is a great way to spruce up any landscape and give it a fresh feel. While adding flowers is a simple enough task, it is still beneficial to plan ahead. You don’t need to know every single detail of your plan in advance, but it does help to have some ideas in mind. As you think about planting some springtime flowers, here are a few simple ways to plan ahead.


Exscape Number 1 Brainstorm and research plants.
Putting a little bit of advanced thought into which plants will do well in your landscape will save you a lot of time. One recommendation we’d offer are pansies, a beautiful, but often underutilized plant that does well in our region. They are typically fine to plant in April even though most flowers in our region really shouldn’t be planted until after Memorial Day due to frost. A nice benefit is that pansies will offer some nice color in early June when you’re just starting to do your other plantings.


Exscape Number 2Think Color
When it comes to selecting color, you don’t have to be super artistic, but you should aim to keep it simple. Where homeowners tend to go wrong is when they try to over-dazzle with many different colors. Limit it to two or three. Also plan to include some white flowers in there as it really helps the others stand out by intensifying their colors. When it comes to color variety, less is more!


Exscape Number 3Don’t forget about containers.
If you’re on a budget or have limited time to care for a garden or flower beds, remember that you can use pots and containers to create a beautiful look. Select a few pots that you really like and place them by a back patio door or at your front entranceway. Container gardens are easier to maintain than entire flower beds. When planning for spring flowers, you have to be realistic. Flower beds take time to fertilize, prune, and weed. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you don’t have time for beds, you can still have beautiful flowers by making use of some great containers.


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