It’s hard to believe that fierce winter weather is just around the corner. If you live in Geauga County then you know that dealing with winter and the tons of snow that lands on our area can be a real challenge. Before you sign up for snow removal, there are some things that you should know about effectively removing snow and how it can affect your landscaping in the spring.Exscape Snow Plowing
Snow plowing is much more than pushing the snow off of your driveway. In fact, where the snow is pushed can be a game-changer in the spring. If the snow is pushed off into an area where there are sensitive plantings or trees, the amount of snow can do damage to the limbs, breaking them and damaging trunks. Make sure that your plowing contractor notes the best place to put snow to avoid having to replace plantings in the spring.
Safety is another concern. When having snow removed, it is important to ask if the front walks will be cleared. This is especially important if you like to entertain family and friends over the winter months. If your front walk isn’t cleared properly, your guests may be forced to trudge through the snow and may even fall. In addition, when clearing walkways, noting the location of light fixtures is also important to avoid damage. Ensure that your plowing contract includes carefully clearing walkways is helpful in inclement weather.
Salt usage is another issue that should be discussed with your plowing contractor. While salt is terrific for melting snow and ice, it can also damage plants and harm pets. Excessive salt that gets into planting beds can burn sensitive perennials, plants and trees. It can also burn the pads of some dogs. Speak to your snow plow contractor about how much salt they use and what formulation they recommend for your yard.
As you can see, there is more to removing snow than a quick plow. At Exscape Designs, we offer snow removal services that protect your safety and the investment you have in your yard. Call us today for a complementary estimate.

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