Smart Landscape Design Strategies


If you are planning for a new landscape design, it will be critical to employ some smart strategies to ensure the success of your project. Keep these strategies in mind:


Plan for necessary equipment access.

If you are planning a design that requires large construction equipment, you will need to have a way for that equipment to get into your backyard. Consider any existing plants or landscape features that may have to be removed in order to allow equipment access.


Determine the intended function of your landscape design.

Make sure you start your project with a clear idea about the function that your landscape design will serve. For example, perhaps you are looking for a space that accommodates entertaining a large group of people. Or, you want to incorporate an outdoor dining area. When you approach your project with this intended functionality in mind, your finished landscape design will better serve its purpose.


Decide a central focal point.

It is important for the natural aesthetic of your landscape that your outdoor space does not have too many competing focal points. For example, perhaps a central waterscape will be the main feature of the backyard. Or, the focus may be a beautiful pavilion with a fire pit. Too many focal points will take away from the beauty of your landscape.


Incorporate your home into your design.

Your home, particularly its exterior, is an important piece of your overall landscape design. You can incorporate your home into your design with landscape lighting, which will illuminate your home and add to the beauty of your outdoor space.


Add movement to your outdoor space.

Every landscape design benefits from the addition of movement, whether it is a fountain with moving water, plants that blow in the breeze, or a birdfeeder that attracts birds and other wildlife to your yard. During your landscape design planning, consider how movement will be incorporated into your outdoor space.


We believe the smartest strategy you can employ when planning your Cleveland landscape design is to work with a professional design firm. The experienced landscape architects at Exscape Designs can help bring your design to life. Call today to get started.


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