Choosing a commercial landscaping company is never a straightforward decision. There are almost an innumerable number of factors to consider. As soon as the market becomes aware that your property is available for service, bids will be flying in. Some will be very inexpensive but be offered by a company with little credibility. Then the big box landscapers will come in for a top dollar, offering services you probably don’t even need. While we could spend an entire blog on the pros and cons of each, we want to focus on one consideration that should be placed above all else; safety. It truly is the most important thing to look for from any contractor, because you want both their staff and your tenants to remain safe. This is how our team at Exscape puts safety first on your commercial property.

Rigorous Internal Safety Training

First and foremost we put all of our employees through intensive safety training programs. These range from the equipment they utilize, to being aware of their surroundings at all times. Because of the nature of many commercial landscaping activities, oftentimes they require dangerous equipment that can cause harm if used improperly. This is exactly why working with the local mom and pop landscaping outfit on a commercial property is never a great idea. Without the right experience, you never know what could happen. It is not only our on-site technicians who are put through safety training, management is trained in the same way in order to hold staff accountable. Because we never want to cause harm or risk liability, we take this training very seriously. We conduct regular safety meetings to discuss any new safety procedures or protocols and to remind employees of existing ones.

Regular Maintenance of Equipment and Tools

While knowing how to use equipment is important, sometimes the way the equipment acts can be erratic if not actively maintained. Dull blades are more dangerous than sharp blades, and a leaky chemical can be detrimental to plant health. Not only do we inspect the safety practices of employees, but we also do the same for the state of equipment. If something is wrong, that piece of equipment is considered out of commission until it has been fixed. This should be standard practice across the industry, but you would be surprised. 

Personal Protective Equipment

When you see a commercial landscaping team from Exscape out on the property, you will also see hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses. These are essential pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) that keep our employees safe. We also ensure that any areas of the property that might be unsafe for visitors are clearly marked off. This prevents accidents from happening when we are not around. 

Routine Property Safety Inspections

As much as we care about the safety of our people, and your people, we also care about the health of the property. Sometimes a disease or pest can come through and create safety hazards for turf or plants. These can create decayed tree limbs that are primed to fall off during the next storm. Rather than waiting for it to fly off, an inspection will reveal the need for a trim well beforehand.

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