Adding a new patio may seem like a quick weekend job, but to do it right requires knowledge and expertise.  The proper preparations for a patio will help it to last through hot and cold weather and will decrease maintenance.  Here are some things to understand about the process of preparing to install a patio:


    • Planning is the first step.  Proper planning is the key to making sure that a patio turns out exactly the way it was envisioned.  The space needs to be measured, slopes need to be evaluated, and the home’s décor needs to be taken into consideration.



  • Final materials are chosen.  There are a wide variety of materials that can be used for a patio – everything from brick, concrete, stone pavers, concrete pavers, fieldstone, pea gravel and even crushed granite.  The pavers and the crushed granite provide a solid, sturdy surface, while pea gravel is better for a patio that surrounds an area such as a fire pit.


  • Excavation creates a base.  Professional landscape specialists excavate the area in order to prepare a base for the final patio materials.  During this time, slopes can be adjusted to accommodate for run off and electrical lines can be run if lighting is part of the project.  Additionally, if drainage is needed, it is added to the base of the project to prevent erosion of the materials that support the pavers or concrete.


  • Installation is the final touch.  Adding a final layer of concrete, pavers or stone over the carefully prepared foundation is the final touch.  If grout is needed between the pavers, then sand is generally used and compacted between the joints to provide a solid, yet porous surface.


Properly preparing for a patio installation can be a challenge.  From the planning stage through the foundation and the final laying of the materials, making sure that the patio is installed correctly will guarantee a long life of a level, safe surface for your friends and family.


Are you thinking of installing a new patio this year?  Call the expert designers at Exscape Designs.  We will be happy to assist you in making sure your patio coordinates with your home and lifestyle.

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