In one of our recent blogs, 2023 Featured Pools, we went over the specific pool designs that we offer our clients. Each of these designs can be tailored to the needs of the customer, with individualized amenities. Perhaps the pool installation is for the purpose of teaching your young children how to swim, or maybe it is just to host the neighbors for a spa night and drinks. Each of these pool designs has a specific aesthetic that it is trying to achieve and an associated ambiance. Well, once you have selected that specific style, you have to also select the specific type of pool, which generally correlates to a particular shape. We are going to go over each of these pool types and how they might suit your home.

L Shaped Swimming Pools

One of the most straightforward pool types is the “L” shaped pool. The pool is quite literally in the shape of the letter itself. It can be a strict geometric L with straight lines and hard corners or a “Lazy L” with some curves and shaping that offers a more natural look. The most common feature of these pools is the separation of the depth areas, with each end of the L serving adults and children respectively.

Kidney Shaped Swimming Pools

These pools are free-form pools that are shaped in the way of an essential organ. They are very convenient for smaller spaces, and small pools. The form is still asymmetrical, and you get many of the same benefits as a small rectangular pool, with the added free-form aesthetic. 

Roman Shaped Pools

Taking inspiration from one of the most successful empires in the history of the world, they sure loved their bathhouses. This pool shape is reminiscent of timeless history, with a rectangular shape that adds arched half-circles on either end. The Roman design takes a basic rectangular pool and adds grand entrances that mentally place the pool in a luxury villa. 

Oval Shaped Pools

This is actually one of the least common pool shapes because it is typically found in old Victorian-era homes. However, the fact that it is uncommon means that your pool shape is sure to be unique. It is best for large backyards where the oval can be grand in size and impress users. 

Pool Types: Everything You Need To Know About Rectangular Pools

Rectangular Shaped Pools

If you want a risk-averse pool type that gets the job done, look no further than the rectangle. It is classic and timeless for a reason, because it offers a blank slate for all of the amenities you might need. You can easily add swim-up seating, a wading area, and slip-resistant steps to easily get in and out. These are also the easiest pools to cover, by far.

Freeform Pools

This last pool type is the most unique because it is unique to each pool installation. Free-form pools are pools that are designed and fitted to your specific backyard. The curves can move around gardens and underneath patios, tailored to your preferences. It will be natural, and informal, and maximizes all of the available swimming space.

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