A custom deck is a wonderful addition to any home, adding striking beauty and design interest while providing functionality and usable space. Your deck is a place for your family to relax, play with friends, or entertain. If you are considering working with a landscape design company to design your ideal custom deck, you may have questions about the process. The following are some of the most common steps involved in planning for a custom deck.


Research the best materials. There are so many materials available, from composite decking—a blend of wood and recycled plastic particles—to brick or stone pavers, you will be able to choose a material that will work best for your environment and your design preferences. For example, brick pavers can be laid in a variety of sizes to create a unique deck surface. Composite decking, available in natural wood shades, offers easy maintenance. Your landscape designer will discuss your preferences and help you choose the best materials.


Determine how to use materials for striking design appeal. After you choose your preferred materials, you can brainstorm ideas to combine them to create the most appealing design aesthetic. Different colors and textures can be combined for a truly stunning look.


Have the site prepared and edged. A professional landscape design company will survey and fully prepare your site for your deck build. It is essential to prepare a solid base for your future deck to accommodate any changes in elevation. This will make sure your deck is stable and able to accommodate your desired amount of people.


Add finishing touches. From wood trim and railings to walkways, there are many opportunities to customize your deck with finishing touches. This is when your deck will truly become unique and your own. You may consider preselecting your deck furniture or décor to accentuate the features of your deck.


The landscape design team at Exscape Designs is ready to help you plan a custom deck build. Our professional experience and attention to detail will ensure your deck design process is a success. Call today!

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