If you have wished for a new patio all summer long, then it is time to get the planning process started! The “off season” is a great time to come up with ideas and plans to have a new patio installed as soon as the weather breaks. Here are just a few things to consider when thinking about a new patio installation:Outdoor Patio

Where does the light hit? The orientation of your patio does matter. After all, you don’t want to have to be blinded by the sunlight all the time. Depending on the direction of your patio installation, you may want to consider some type of trellis or tall landscaping plants that will provide some shade.

How will you use it? There are many different ways to utilize a patio area. Dining areas, fire pits, an outdoor kitchen or a bocce court are just a few ways that a patio can be part of a larger landscaping plan. Knowing how you want to use the area will help you to determine what to include in your design.

What about lighting? Being able to use your patio at night is wonderful during the balmy summer evenings. Adding path lighting and fixtures around the patio area will make it safe and easy for friends and family to navigate.

What type of materials do you prefer? Are you thinking of a wood deck surface, or something more substantial, like stone? Knowing what type of material you’d like used for your patio is helpful when planning. The material contributes to the overall design and cost.

What about size? For some homeowners, size may be determined by the space available. For others, they may have more room to create a larger patio. The patio size determines how much seating will be available and how you can use the patio.

Planning the perfect patio can be an enjoyable process if you ask the right questions. It is important to consider if you will need shade, how you will use the space and what type of materials you prefer. For more information, contact Exscape Designs today and we’ll be happy to assist you with your patio plan.

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