Planning For A Fire Pit


If you love to be outside with friends and family, adding a fire pit to your landscape design is a natural way to create a gathering place for your yard. Landscape designers for homes in Pepper Pike and Chagrin Falls know that a fire pit can be just the design feature that can pull a yard together and create a cohesive look. Here are just a few tips from our landscapers that can help you before you start the planning process:


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Think about your budget. Building a fire pit can range from a simple design that will work for a rustic home in Gates Mills to a more complex look that might work for a newer home in Hunting Valley. Landscaping services recommend knowing your approximate budget – and how much wiggle room you have – before you start the planning process.


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Wood and gas options. For more modern homes, landscape designers are now recommending gas fire pit options, which light easily and don’t require wood. A more rustic and traditional fire pit can use wood. Small space areas may benefit from a gas fire, which can be easily controlled. Large backyards can handle the size and heat that a wood fire can generate.


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Be open to the location of your fire pit. When you meet with your landscaping service, you can discuss with the landscapers where to place the fire pit. Smaller backyards in Pepper Pike and Beachwood, where the fire will be closer to the home, may require more stone surfaces to protect your home from embers.


There is certainly a lot to think about when designing a fire pit. Let the friendly, knowledgeable landscape designers at Exscape Designs work with you to help you design exactly the right fire pit option for your home and yard. Call us now to schedule a complementary consultation at your home with our professional landscapers. Call 440.332.4196 now!

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