As you enjoyed a great summer in Northeast Ohio, did you dream about new ideas for your outdoor landscape? You do not have to wait until next summer to make those dreams a reality. The autumn season is an ideal time to start planning your backyard retreat so that it will be ready to enjoy by next spring and summer. Let these ideas spark your own visions for a backyard that your family will love:


Add interest and function to your home with a new deck. A deck is a wonderful addition to any home, as not only does it incorporate artistry and style, but it can be constructed to serve the needs of your family. You can truly choose any size or style that you wish. The benefit of working with a landscape designer on your deck design is that they will research the best materials for your specific project to best complement your existing landscape.


Give your family a new gathering space with a fire pit. Are you seeking a fun, unique space for your family to gather throughout the seasons? A fire pit may be the perfect addition to your home. Consider incorporating a fire pit into your landscape design or new patio.  A fire pit will quickly become the focal point and central gathering space of your yard.


Design a brand new outdoor kitchen. If your family loves cooking and being outdoors, why not combine the two? With a modern outdoor kitchen—a popular trend in the Cleveland area—you will view your backyard as an extension of your home. Many months of the year, you will be able to prepare, cook, and serve dinner in a gorgeous, functional outdoor kitchen. This is certainly an investment in the future of your home and will provide you with years of use and enjoyment.


Replace an old patio, or create a brand new patio. Over the years, outdoor concrete patios can become weatherworn and dated, dulled by use and inclement weather. You can replace your existing patio with a beautiful, custom-designed stone or brick patio feature.


When you are ready to make your dream backyard retreat a reality, call the professional design team at Exscape Designs. Fall is a great time of year to begin your landscape design project! Call today to start the planning process.

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