Plan For Snow This Summer Hero

While you may be enjoying your summer landscaping, there is a change of season coming right around the corner. You probably don’t want to think about it, but taking care of your snow plow needs is a late summer activity. There are many great reasons to let Exscape Designs not only take care of your yard, but your snow removal needs as well. Here are just a few to consider:


Snow fall can happen early.

In our area, snow may wait until after the first of the year, or it may not. Having your snow plow contract taken care of before the first flakes fly mean that you don’t have to worry about getting out to work, school or running errands. As the temperature dips, ice storms are common and you may need a coating of salt in order to leave your home, especially if you have a long or hilly driveway.


We’ll come before you call.

The team at Exscape Designs puts as much time and effort into removing your snow as we do with caring for your landscape design, build and maintenance services. We watch the weather carefully and anticipate your need to be able to safely leave your home or office. Our teams are out all night long to make sure that you aren’t late for your commitments in the morning as well as responding to snow that happens during the day.


Our snow removal ensures the safety of your landscaping. Winter can be hard on plantings. Not only do plants, shrubs and trees need to cope with extremely cold temperatures and short days, but the salt and other ice melting compounds can damage plantings. Piles of snow can also break branches, trunks and smash valuable plantings. Our teams of snow plow technicians are also landscape specialists who will take the time to plan where to put your snow before the temperature ever dips ensuring a beautiful bloom in the spring.


For more information on snow removal services that will not only respond to your needs, but protect your landscaping investment, call 440.332.4196 today!

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