With lives becoming busier, people want their outdoor spaces to more accurately reflect who they are and their lifestyle.  One way for people to express themselves is to incorporate a patio that has personality.  No longer simply a flat area where you can put out your patio furniture, today’s patios reflect the individual personalities of the families who live in each home.

How do experts incorporate personality into each patio design?  By taking the time to understand each client, the designer can more fully see how the cleveland patiosspace that is available will be utilized.  Multi-functional spaces are a hot trend that many landscape architects are now including in their designs.  Spaces that include items such as a bocce ball court, pizza oven, outdoor fireplace or a built-in chess table, can give the patio use that goes beyond just a place to sit outdoors and read a book.  (Though there is nothing wrong with that!)

Landscape designers also frequently incorporate a focal point, such as a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, cabana, water feature or dramatic planting in order to ground the space.  A focal point is the spot in the design where all attention is drawn and all other design features radiate from.  Some focal points are functional, such as a fire pit or a cabana, and others are simply more structural, such as a water feature or a dramatic species tree or planting bed.  In any case, these focal points help draw the eye into the design of the yard, making your patio more dimensional and dramatic.

Choosing the plantings that will coordinate with the patio is another critical finishing touch.  Landscaping specialists spend a lot of time to understand the soil, the amount of sun and the amount of water that is available for the plants around the patio.  Considering growing habits, colors, leaf shape and size are just a few of the other aspects of plant growth that professionals think about.  Planting lush flowering species and those with broad leaves can offer a tropical feeling, while other patios may benefit from more evergreen type plantings.

A patio with personality can also incorporate unique pieces of furniture and accessories.  Art can be integrated into the patio area through furniture, handmade tiles, and mosaics.  Reclaimed art pieces are often used in planting beds to provide vertical height and another focal point.  Color though accessories and furniture can be used to coordinate the patio area with the existing home.  Carefully choosing patio materials and plantings can visually extend the entertaining area of the home, making the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless.

Having a patio with personality simply involves some careful planning before beginning the project.  Let the experts at Exscape Designs help you to incorporate your lifestyle into your outdoor space.  Call today!

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