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This winter in Cleveland, as the temperatures continue to drop, start planning how you can get the most use and enjoyment out of your outdoor spaces come spring. When you begin to consider a new or renovated patio as an extension of your home, you start thinking of ways to make it cozy and increase its function. Here are some ideas to consider for your patio:


Add popular amenities.

Think of the increased usage of your patio space after adding some popular amenities, such as a covered and mounted television set, a stereo system or even a custom fire pit. These types of features make your patio a more desirable space to be. Your family will utilize this outdoor space more when weather allows, extending the recreational and entertaining space of your home.


Consider a new patio in a secluded area of your yard.

Sometimes we think of patios as an extension off of the back of a house. Patios can be built in any area of your yard, included otherwise unused or underutilized areas that could be reimagined as a brand new gathering space.


Build a covered patio.

Adding a cover to your patio instantly transforms its function and use. A covered patio can double as an outdoor dining area and even incorporate an outdoor kitchen. If you and your family loves being outdoors as much as possible, a covered patio option might be ideal.


Create a cozy space with new, comfortable furniture.

If the seating options on your current patio are not comfortable, your family and guests will likely not want to spend much time there. Instead of typical patio furniture, think outside of the box with seating options that provide as much comfort as a cozy living room. Choose outdoor pieces with plush cushions and plenty of outdoor throw pillows.

Let Exscape Designs work with you to create the ultimate patio for your home. Start the conversation today to begin planning.


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