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Have you considered adding an outdoor pavilion to your backyard?

A pavilion is simply a roofed structure that can provide some shelter from the outdoor elements, such as rain or excessive sun. You may commonly think of pavilions in park picnic areas, but a pavilion can be built in any shape or size for any space. It is a feature that can be seamlessly integrated into your landscape design to add beauty to your outdoor space while also adding essential functionality. For example, in Cleveland, a pavilion can extend the use and enjoyment of your landscape through several seasons.

These ideas would all be a great place to start when thinking of how a backyard pavilion could enhance your home:


Pavilion with a fire pit.

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to a home. You will notice family members and guests alike enjoy gathering around a fire pit. The construction of a pavilion along with a fire pit can create a designated entertaining area and gathering space in your backyard. Under the pavilion, you can arrange some outdoor furniture, such as benches or chairs, around the fire pit. A well-designed pavilion will also add a focal point to your landscape design.


Garden pavilion.

You have put time and energy into designing and caring for your garden. Why not have a dedicated spot to enjoy it? You can create a small pavilion or even a pergola within your garden to provide a shaded place to sit, enjoy your garden, and observe nature in your backyard.


Covered outdoor kitchen.

Think of how much use and enjoyment you would receive from a covered outdoor kitchen. With a pavilion covering your kitchen and seating area, you can enjoy outdoor cooking and dining even in inclement weather. Consider an outdoor kitchen pavilion that complements and extends the style of your home.


To learn more about pavilions and other landscape design structures, call the team at Exscape Designs. We look forward to helping you design your ideal outdoor space.

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