One of the best parts of the summer is getting together with family and friends to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many reasons to celebrate! From Mother’s Day in the early spring, through Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, graduation parties, and all the way to Labor Day, each of these occasions is a reason to get together with friends and family and enjoy the outdoors.

Keeping all of your friends and family fed can be a real challenge, though. That is one of the reasons that outdoor kitchens have become so popular. With as much capacity as an indoor kitchen, here are just a few reasons to think about adding one to your yard this year:

Keep the party outside. Rather than having to trek back and forth inside and out of your home, outdoor wok stations can make a big difference in containing your guests. With counters and dining areas, people can relax while you prepare a meal.Outdoor Kitchens - Celebrations

Full capacity cooking. The amount of capability that you’d like your outdoor kitchen to have, is only limited by your imagination. From full size sinks to grills, refrigeration, cook tops, rotisseries and ovens, you can make sure that your outdoor kitchen will have everything you need to serve your guests.

Cover the area. While you can have your outdoor kitchen truly outdoors, one of the best ways to make it more usable is to have it located inside a gazebo or outdoor room. Having a roof means that you can continue to entertain even if it rains and gives you extra flexibility. You can install lighting, ceiling fans and even televisions to keep your guests entertained. Having wind screens added or drop down plastic covers, can keep the wind off of your friends and family in the early spring or late fall.

An outdoor kitchen can complement your home’s décor. An outdoor kitchen can accommodate any style of home. From the most traditional homes to the most contemporary, there are a wide range of appliances, flooring, countertops and design touches that can make your outdoor kitchen become a part of your home.

If you love outdoor entertaining, then you should consider an outdoor kitchen for seasonal entertaining. Call Exscape Designs today to work with one of our landscape designers to come up with just the right plan for your outdoor kitchen!

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