If you are thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home’s landscape, then you are in good company. More and more people are investing in this landscaping trend which makes outdoor entertaining easy for families. If you are going to add an outdoor kitchen to your landscape, then taking the time to plan it carefully will make the space more efficient and enjoyable in the long run. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when planning an outdoor kitchen:

• Use timeworn design principles.
Even though the kitchen is outdoors, using timeworn kitchen design principles will make the space usable when it is finished. Make sure that kitchen-outsidesinks, ovens, grills and refrigeration are all placed correctly to help the kitchen to flow and to maintain sanitary surfaces.

• Create a complement with your home.
To give the feel of an extension of your home’s décor, choose items that are complementary to the colors, textures and materials already present. Modern homes benefit from sleek materials, while more rustic homes find rough-hewn beams and stone as good options.

• Choose materials carefully.
With their exposure to the outdoor elements, careful selection of materials is important. Choose low maintenance materials that will work outside and survive the changes of temperature, such as countertops that are stainless steel or sealed stone. Installing your kitchen in a covered area is another excellent option that will extend the life of your equipment.

• Coordinate it with your indoor kitchen.
Though many outdoor kitchens are fully functional, the design of your indoor kitchen should be considered. For instance, if you have a double oven inside your home, having a warming drawer outdoors may be enough.

• Designs dining areas.
When you are completing the design, don’t forget to factor in seating areas. Thinking this through ahead of time will give your outdoor kitchen area a smooth feel and serving space.

Installing an outdoor kitchen is much more than a grill and a sink. By using proper kitchen design techniques, carefully choosing materials and coordinating it with your home, you will find that the space is much more usable in the long run. When you are ready to discuss your own outdoor kitchen, call us!

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