Now that fall is in full swing, there are a few things to think about in terms of your landscape. Although most people think about springtime as the “landscaping season,” setting yourself up for a beautiful spring actually starts now. Here are four important things to consider as the days turn colder.


Fall is the time for planting

As plants begin to go dormant, now is actually a wonderful time to plant. Plants can adapt better with less maintenance. And although the air temperature is falling, the ground is still quite warm and is ideally suited for root development. In addition, though the fall season tends to get busy, don’t forget that fall is the only time to install bulbs. If you want spring color, it’s important to act now.  It will definitely pay off come spring.


Fall is the time to turn off your irrigation system

While you don’t need to have the lines blown out yet, the fall is the time to turn off the system. By this time of the year, we receive plenty of natural rainfall. The nights are cool and the dew is heavy. Your turf and plants should be self-sufficient by now. The only exception to this is a recently installed lawn. If you have a new lawn, you should continue watering, though with a shorter run time of your system.


Fall is the time to cut your ornamental grasses

But you don’t have to!  In terms of the health of the plant, ornamental grasses can be cut back in either the spring or the fall. But there is definitely an advantage to leaving your ornamental grasses long for the winter. Ornamental grasses provide interesting color and texture throughout the colder months. They look great blowing against the winter snow. In a season when the land looks bare, some long ornamental grasses can provide some interest. However, a downside is that in areas with heavy snow—namely the East Side of Cleveland—the first heavy, wet snow often weighs down these grasses, which can make them more difficult to cleanup in the spring.


Fall is the time to clean-up

Raking leaves and general yard clean-up is also important come fall, not only for aesthetics but to prep your property for the coming winter. Leaves, branches, and other debris in the yard that are not cleaned up and become covered in snow not only make snow mold more likely, they encourage rodents and other nesting animals to take shelter. Be sure to plan a big yard clean-up before the first snow fall hits.


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