Does keeping up with the maintenance of your landscape feel like a hassle you don’t want to deal with? Instead of getting to enjoy your time off on the weekends, you’re getting sucked into yard maintenance projects that always seem to take longer than you think they will. Not only that, but you may be worried that you’re not performing these landscape maintenance tasks properly. Even simple mistakes—such as pruning a flowering shrub at the wrong time and preventing it from blooming—can have a detrimental impact. That’s why you might be thinking about handing these tasks over to a pro. By doing so, you’re hoping to let your worries go, too.


The Benefits of Professional Maintenance

Allowing a professional to handle your landscape maintenance can have several key benefits. Let’s take a look at each so that you can decide whether it’s the right move for you.


Person Holding A BeverageFreeing Up Your Time:

If you’ve gotten into the habit of trying to squeeze yard work in on the weekends, then handing these tasks over to a professional is going to feel like a huge weight is being lifted from your shoulders. You’ll get your weekends back to spend that time however you want.




Stone Patio With FurnitureConfidence in the Work:

By having a professional perform your property maintenance, you’ll also gain the confidence that it’s being performed correctly. While certain tasks, such as leaf removal, are a no-brainer, there are other landscape tasks—such as pruning or fertilization—that do require some know-how. By having these tasks handled professionally, you’ll know they’re being done right. That means you’ll get the best possible results, as well.




Shrub And PaversA Protection of your Investment:

Another benefit that homeowners don’t always think about when they consider maintenance work is that keeping up with it is a protection of the investment you’ve made in your landscape. “Letting things go,” as often happens when people get busy, can lead to a decline in the health of your trees and shrubs, your lawn, or even your property as a whole. It’s very important that you keep up with regular maintenance work in order to protect your investment. By having a professional handle these tasks, you’ll no longer have to worry that you’ve waited too long and caused some damage. Instead, you’ll know it’s being taken care of for you in a timely manner.


Choosing the Right Company

Of course, the last thing that you want is to choose a landscape company that you feel like you have to babysit. Constantly needing to check in that they’re doing what they’re supposed to is just an added hassle. Plus, when you hire a company, you expect them to show up when they say they will. You may have heard from friends or relatives who have worked with unreliable companies. Instead of making your life easier, you know hiring a company like this will only complicate things further.

That’s why choosing the right landscape company for the job is so critical.

At Exscape Designs, we offer 12-month maintenance contracts that provide year-round, ongoing maintenance which is customized to your property’s exact needs. If you’re a recurring maintenance customer, your contract will automatically renew so that you don’t even have to worry about getting on the schedule for the following year. This will ensure that there’s no break in your service and your landscape will continue to look and perform its best—year-round.

In the winter, 12-month maintenance customers can also receive snow removal to ensure that snow and ice are taken care of on your property.

Our goal is to make life easier for our customers by ensuring that their properties are truly worry-free. The last thing that you should have to worry about is whether or not your landscape company is doing what it’s supposed to. By choosing to hand your landscape maintenance services over to a professional that you can trust, you won’t have to waste any more time wondering. Instead, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.


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