Choosing native plants as part of a landscape design is a new trend in the Cleveland area. Landscape designers are bringing some of these varieties back in order to offer homeowners options that really work in a yard. What do native plants offer and why should you consider them as part of your landscape plan? Consider this:
Native plants honor the local ecology. By providing a place for native animals and birds to live and feed, native plants actually build up the environment instead of simply destroying it through building and development. These native plants are familiar to many species and contribute to the health of the local area.
Native plants don’t require fertilization. With native plantings, there is no reason to use chemical fertilizers. These plants are geared so specifically for the local area that they don’t need additional assistance to thrive.
Native plants use less water. Because they were forced to thrive without help for generations, native plants use less water. Given the shortage of fresh water throughout the globe, this is an important benefit.
Native plants provide a diverse ecosystem. Adding native plants back to the environment ensures that there is a wide variety of plants available for insects, birds and animals to use for their homes and food. In addition, reintroducing plants to their native area may replenish those that have been mostly eradicated.
Native plants reduce maintenance. Instead of spending tons of time and energy trying to keep plants alive, native plants can grow with little effort, giving you more time to enjoy your yard and family.
The trend of adding native plants to your landscaping can be a wonderful way to not only support the environment, but to spend less time working in your yard. Since they don’t require fertilization, additional watering or maintenance, they are ideal for the Geauga County area.

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