Professional landscape designers take more than color and design into choosing plants that will thrive in Northeastern Ohio. By adding plants, trees and shrubs that are native to the area, homeowners benefit from environmentally friendly landscaping options that provide a positive impact. Why choose native plants in Northeastern Ohio? Take a look at these reasons:

  • Native plants promote biodiversity.native-tree
    Adding native plants back into your landscape can help to sustain varieties that may be lost due to development.


  • Native plants provide pollination.
    Native pollinators are critical to plant and animal life that has lived in the area for generations.


  • Native plants are good for our area.
    Native plants such as False Solomon’s Seal, Goldenrod, Christmas fern, Lobelia, and Willows are good for our area and provide food, ground cover and water management for our topography and animal life.


  • Native plants are easy to maintain.
    Landscape technicians say that native plants require less watering and less fertilizing than other varieties. They are also resistant to diseases that can damage portions of your landscape.


  • Native plants can deal with yard issues effectively.
    Varieties can be chosen for wet areas instead of adding mechanical drainage.For more information on native plants that grow in Northeastern Ohio, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has provided an online directory of native plants. With listings for flowers and trees suitable for wet and dry areas, this list can help you and your landscaper to determine what plants will work for your area.

    Adding native plants to your yard is something that we can do! Contact us today for more information on how native plants can make a difference in the beauty and functionality of your yard.

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