Tired of having your yard look like everyone else’s?  Want your yard to be everyone’s favorite summer gathering place?  When you are ready to have your yard stand out from the crowd, here are a few items that can be added to give your landscaping the polish it needs:



  • Add a little light.  Lighting can be the finishing touch to your home’s outdoor spaces.  From accent lighting and unusual lighting fixtures, having a properly lighted outdoors can give you the opportunity to stay outdoors way past dark, and allow your guests the ability to walk in your yard without the risk of falling.


  • Go native.  Asking a professional landscaper to add native plants to your yard is more than just an eco-friendly option.  Native plants are simply hardier than their counterparts since they have been acclimated to the area in which you live.  Their natural beauty and ease of care are time and water savers as well.


  • Incorporate a focal point.  Having a focal point, whether a water feature, cabana, dramatic planting, or a pool gives your design an area to begin.  In fact, professional landscapers use focal points as the basis of every single design that they create and install.


  • Be sustainable.  Instead of simply having shrubs in your yard, speak to a landscape specialist about incorporating vegetables and fruits into your yard.  Gone are the days of the “victory garden” with a dedicated space for growing food.  Busy families are benefitting from adding single plants within their current growing spaces.  The garden itself takes less work, the vegetables add interest, and families benefit from organic foods.


  • Consider your design.  To make your yard really stand out, a landscape architect can coordinate plantings, focal points, and materials with the current architecture and décor of your home.  Cottages look wonderful with loose plantings and more modern homes benefit from sleek materials and angular plantings.


  • Less mowing.  By reducing the size of your lawn, you can add functional spaces that offer entertaining options.  A cabana or outdoor kitchen is a unique touch that can make your home different from others in your neighborhood and offer you a new place to entertain outdoors.


When you are ready to stand out from the crowd, there are lots of ways for an expert landscaper to help you to give your yard the polish that it needs.  From adding vegetable plants and native flowers within your current plantings to the construction of a cabana or outdoor kitchen, you can have a stand-out yard. Contact us today!

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