Outdoor Designs With Big ImpactNow that the weather is warmer in Northeast Ohio, we are all relishing in more time spent outdoors. That also means more time to survey the condition of your outdoor landscape after a long winter and a cold start to spring. Perhaps your outdoor space is weatherworn or unkempt, and you’d love to give it a new look and function for the summer season. If the process of a new landscape design seems intimidating, start with these small changes. All it takes is a few simple changes to make a dramatic impact on your outdoor space.


Remove dated features. Over time, and without regular maintenance, certain elements of an outdoor space can become worn down, appearing dated and haggard. It could be an outdoor deck that was put in by original home owners decades ago. Or maybe there is a flower bed that you have never found very appealing, plus it is hard to maintain. Remember that you are not stuck with these features. If something is not working, change it, or, if possible, remove it from your landscape.


Add a new design element. The options are limitless: outdoor lighting, new potted plants, a stationary hammock, a stone walkway through your garden, and so on. Pick at least one new design element to add to your outdoor space, and realize what a big difference it makes in revitalizing your landscape.


Create movement. Bring your yard to life by allowing for movement. A waterscape or fountain adds the soothing sounds of moving water. A bird feeder or bird house will attract a variety of birds to your yard. Even a tall grass swaying in a gentle breeze adds movement to your outdoor space. These are the aspects of your landscape that truly bring it to life, allowing you to enjoy nature in your own backyard.


Choose a focal point. Landscapes benefit from a centralized focal point designed to draw your attention. A large outdoor space might be designed around a seating area like a patio or an outdoor kitchen. A smaller space might focus on a beautiful water feature, such as a pond or a waterfall, or a stone fire pit. No matter the size of your space, aim to choose one central feature to serve as a focal point of your landscape.


If you have questions about these tips, or are looking for advice on your outdoor space, give the experts at Exscape Designs a call. We can help you make your vision a reality!

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